Kendall dated Leo before joining Bachelor in Paradise cast — did Joe know? [report]


Did Grocery Store Joe know Kendall and Leo dated before filming Bachelor in Paradise? Probably not.

When Kendall decided to ditch Joe and go on a date with Leo, Bachelor in Paradise fans went crazy on Twitter.

But, the worst part is, Kendall made it appear that it was her first time meeting Leo. Well, it turns out, Kendall and Leo spent time together before filming Paradise. Here’s the scoop …

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First, let’s take a moment to give Joe a virtual hug. He’s just so NORMAL and SWEET … he doesn’t belong on Bachelor in Paradise.

Watching Kendall awkwardly hug him before going off on a date with that Fabio/Leo creature was a heartbreaker.

Clearly, Joe likes Kendall — a lot. And she’s all “you’re fun and funny …and nice … but I’m looking around just in case someone better comes along.”

Leo is not “someone better,” Kendall!

Kendall and Leo dated before Paradise

Kendall seemed surprised to see Leo arrive in Paradise, but let’s just chalk that up to bad acting.

According to Reality Steve, Kendall and Leo were “talking/seeing each other” before they filmed Bachelor in Paradise.

“They didn’t address the fact they were talking/seeing each other before the show started. They were. Not sure why they wanted to hide it, but by all accounts, they were very much talking, had been on date(s), and they knew they were both going on the show.”

This isn’t unusual — many contestants talk to each other before Paradise starts filming.

However, if they were in touch before filming, Kendall KNEW Leo would be coming on the show.

Why didn’t she keep things with Joe more platonic until she could sort out her feelings for Leo?

Maybe Kendall had no idea that her friend, Bekah (Arie’s season) would dig up dirt on Leo. If you follow Bekah on Instagram, she recently shared screenshots of unsolicited and inappropriate messages and photos he allegedly sent to several women.

Leo fired back, telling The Blast that he was going to sue Bekah for lost wages after he took leave (or was told to take leave??) from his job as a performer in the Universal Studios WaterWorld show. Wonder how that lawsuit is going?

We also wonder if Leo told Kendall that he appeared in a sketchy move, High Heel Homocide. Okay, guess that doesn’t matter, but Leo has a major “ick” factor. (Just an opinion…)

Leo’s gotta’ go!

We’re not sure how long Leo stays in Paradise, but the preview for next week’s episode (below) sure make it look like he’s going to get booted sooner than later.

Leo starts kissing other girls, all while making Kendall think he’s there for her.

How will Joe react? He should be ticked off, but he likes Kendall, so chances are he’ll just roll with it and continue to hang with her once she realizes Leo is not worth her time.

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