When are the Bachelorette hometown dates, who are Becca’s final 4 guys?

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The Bachelor Becca Kufrin makes a rather controversial decision when she choses her final four guys for hometown dates.

There’s just four weeks to go before the Bachelorette season finale, but first, it’s the all-important hometown dates.

Becca has some big decisions to make, but one that will have many fans questioning the intentions of one of her final four suitors.

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The hometown dates episode is scheduled to air on Monday, July 16, one week after Becca brings her final six guys to the Bahamas. Who will get picked for hometowns?

Bachelorette hometown date spoilers ahead

On July 2, Becca will travel to Richmond, Virginia (Chris and Lincoln finally leave), and then it’s on to the Bahamas (July 9) for the last round of dates before hometowns.

Garrett, Colton, Wills, Leo, Blake, and Jason will enjoy a free vacation to the Bahamas. Is anyone surprised Leo and Jason made it to the final six?

We’ve seen very little of them this season, but apparently Jason will score a one-on-one in Richmond and that moves him into frontrunner status. But, Leo? We’re not sure how he made it so far, but maybe she likes his hair. Or maybe it was because he got the first kiss of the season. That’s right — it wasn’t Garrett.

And we all know why Wills made it this far — so we can enjoy his hotness. While he seems to be totally genuine, we don’t see any chemistry between them. But, we’re thankful that he stuck around because we’re #TeamWills.

Wills won’t make it to hometowns, so we’re hoping producers come to their senses and cast him as the hottest, sweetest Bachelor star ever. But they won’t — because nothing producers do ever makes sense.

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And Leo? He won’t make it either. But we hear he went to Paradise this summer, so stay tuned to see if the rumors are true that he makes some sort of connection with Kendall Long.

So, with Wills and Leo gone, that leaves Garrett, Colton, Blake, and Jason as The Bachelorette Becca’s final four guys.

COLTON? Seriously, Becca!?!

We totally expected Garrett and Blake to make it to the final four. Jason deserves to be there just because he’s drama-free and seems to be a decent guy.

But Colton? C’mon now. Just a few weeks after he said “I’m falling in love with you” he was happily filming a date with Tia Booth in Paradise. Talk about going on The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons…

Tia and Colton Bachelor in Paradise
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We’re not sure if producers talked Becca into keeping Colton around so Tia could show up and claim her man, or if she really believed he was falling in love with her.

C’mon Becca, you can do better than that … we’re seriously wondering why her guy picking radar is totally off.

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Bottom line – Colton goes home when Tia shows up before the hometown dates rose ceremony. At least she didn’t keep him around for the overnight dates!

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