Bachelorette week 4:: 3 guys leave, Becca gives Jordan a gift


The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin travels to Park City, Utah with 18 guys this week, but only 15 contestants will get a rose.

Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette ended with the oh-so-annoying, “to be continued.” On Monday night (June 17), we’ll find out who Becca sent home during the week 3 rose ceremony. Then the remaining 18 guys will leave the mansion and head to Park City, Utah for a group date and two one-on-one dates.

Before this week’s dates (and more eliminations!) begin, David will return from the hospital, Becca will give a gift to Jordan, and she will send two guys home during the rose ceremony that should have aired last week. Does anyone else hate when they end an episode before the rose ceremony?

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Clay Harbor got a group date rose last week, but he decided to leave to get surgery on his broken wrist. C’mon now … he knew he didn’t have a ton of chemistry with Becca so he left.

Too bad, because Clay seems to be one of the most genuine guys on the show. He’s headed back to the NFL and there’s word that he won’t appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Dammit.

During the cocktail party, Becca gives Jordan a pair of gaudy boxers, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to wear them in the Fantasy Suite this season.

He won’t even make it to hometowns, but we expect to see him half-naked in Paradise.

Before the guys leave for Park City, Utah, Becca sends Ryan Peterson and Mike Renner home.

Who? Yeah, we have no idea who they are either.

Park City, Utah dates

There are two one-on-one dates this week and one group date.

Wills and Garrett get the one-on-one dates. According to Reality Steve, both guys get a rose on their dates, so they have nothing to worry about during this week’s rose ceremony (will they do a “to be continued: again? Hope not!)

The rest of the guys will go on a group date and we fully expect some drama. And speaking of drama, Lincoln was recently sentenced in a Massachusetts court for indecent assault and battery. Will they cut him out of the episode/rest of the season? Probably not. FYI — the arrest happened in 2016 and he was sentenced last week, so ABC has some explaining to do. They’re weak on background checks.

After the dates, there will be another cocktail party and rose ceremony. Garrett and Wills are safe, but three guys won’t be able to travel and drink for free anymore. Spoilers point to Becca sending Nick, Christon, and Jean Blanc home.

Next week, Becca and 15 guys head to Las Vegas — get ready for the first 2-on-1 of the season.

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