The Bachelorette week 3 spoilers: Who goes home tonight?

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Three guys go home on The Bachelorette episode 3, but one contestant won’t wait for the rose ceremony to leave.

The Bachelorette for another week of drama and barely any romance. There are 18 guys left, but only one contestant will score a one-on-one date with Becca Kufrin.

The rest of the guys will have to compete for The Bachelorette star’s attention during the group dates. But, it’s an appearance by one of Becca’s friends that will stir up some serious controversy. And to add to the drama, one guy will leave the show after getting a group date rose. What a mess! (Spoilers ahead)

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There are two group dates and a one-on-one date this week. It’s also the last round of dates in L.A. — Becca and her remaining 15 guys will head to Park City, Utah next week.

One-on-One Date

Contestant Chris Randone gets this week’s one-on-one date. If you aren’t old enough to know who Richard Marx is, you’ll have no idea who this week’s guest star is.

He’s known for the song, “Right Here Waiting” and that’s about it.

Okay – it’s a good song. But can’t ABC get someone a little more relevant like Ed Sheeran?

We assume Chris got a rose because he doesn’t go home this week.

Group Date 1 — Man down!

Remember the previews that show an ambulance? There’s an injury on the group date that requires a hospital visit. No, the guys didn’t beat each other up, but it’s an NFL-themed date and one guy gets injured.

Go figure — it’s NFL player Clay Harbor who ends up in the ER. According to Reality Steve, he breaks his wrist during the group date football game. Although he leaves in an ambulance, he returns to snag the group date rose because Becca feels bad for him.

Is Clay feeling the love vibe from The Bachelorette? Probably not. Clay decides to give back the rose and leaves the show to supposedly have surgery. Otherwise known as he’s heading to Bachelor in Paradise.

Group date 2 – drama alert!

Several girl’s from Arie’s season will make an appearance during one of tonight’s group dates. The guys will get mani-pedis from Tia, Seinne, Bekah, Caroline, and Kendall. (Yeah, they are all heading to Paradise this summer.)

Of course, the date is a set-up to get fans talking about the whole Tia-Colton-Becca situation.

Colton already told Becca he had a “relationship” with Tia (relationship or fling!?)

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Tia’s appearance doesn’t make Becca change her mind about Colton. She doesn’t send him home this week.

Did producers tell Becca to keep Colton around because his connection to Tia adds some drama to the season?

That has to be why because we can’t think of one reason Becca didn’t send him home after he admitted to dating her friend right before filming started. (Why didn’t Tia tell her?!)

Rest assured, Becca will eventually send Colton home and he’s already been spotted filming Paradise. Tia’s there, too, but we don’t think their relationship will end well.

Who goes home tonight?

Clay leaves during the group date. Becca eliminates two guys during the week 3 rose ceremony.

Reality Steve’s spoilers point to Becca sending contestants Ryan Peterson and Mike Renner home.

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Next week, the guys will leave the mansion and head to Park City, Utah for more dates and drama.

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