When does The Proposal start? Does anyone get engaged on ABC’s new reality show?


The Bachelor season 5 star, Jesse Palmer will host ABC’s newest speed-dating show, The Proposal, this summer.

It’s going to be a summer filled with proposals, but not all of them will work out. The Bachelorette Becca has already confirmed she got engaged while filming her season. Now Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss is ready to serve up another round of unbelievable engagements on ABc’s new summer reality series, The Proposal.

Becca filmed her season for about eight weeks and got engaged to her final pick. On The Proposal, a group of daters will propose to someone they’ve never seen during the one-hour show. That’s right — sight unseen, guys and girls will propose in under 60 minutes.

Basically, getting engaged has become a sport with absolutely no meaning, but who am I to judge?

Variety reports that there will be 10 male or female daters on each episode who will “attempt to woo the mystery suitor with their words in a first impressions round; bare their souls in a beachwear round; answer the mystery suitor’s most pressing romantic questions; and strive to receive a seal of approval from the mystery suitor’s most trusted family member in the final round.”

Just watching the preview below is enough to make an assumption that this show won’t get a second season. I can’t think of a better word to use than, “dumb” to describe this train wreck.

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Blogger Reality Steve calls it a “dumpster fire” that will run for about six weeks.

The premiere date is Monday, June 18, so we assume it will air at 10 p.m. ET after an episode of The Bachelorette.

Will anyone get engaged?

Of course they will.

But the big question is, will they get married?

Probably not.

According to Reality Steve, the proposal don’t necessarily end in an engagement. It’s a proposal to “get engaged, date, hook up, etc.”

Unlike the Bachelor and Bachelorette, there won’t be any dates, so there won’t be any helicopters or un-eaten food.

It’s similar to Married at First Sight, but there isn’t a wedding. And I’ll be shocked if a wedding ever happens for any of the contestants.

Chance of this show being a big hit: zero.