ABC’s The Proposal: The Bachelor meets Married At First Sight


The Proposal is coming to ABC this summer. Get ready for 10 episodes of ultimate speed dating and a whole ‘lotta Neil Lane engagement rings.

ABC’s newest reality TV dating series, The Proposal, is the newest show created by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, but you won’t see Chris Harrison handing out roses on the 10-episode summer love-fest. Or should we say, “hot mess”?

Season 5 The Bachelor star, Jesse Palmer, will host The Proposal. That’s right, they pulled a guy who handed out roses in 2004 to host a show that sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous disaster.

Mike Fleiss is dropping hints on Twitter that we’ll see some former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants on The Proposal. Because, why not? If it didn’t work the first, second, or third time, try another show!

Here’s what we know about The Proposal

But first, here’s Jesse…(he didn’t marry his final pick, btw)

Jesse Proposal Bachelor
Jesse Proposal Bachelor /

There will be 10 episodes of The Proposal, one-hour each. Whether they will air once or twice a week has not been confirmed.

According to Variety, the 10 male or female daters will “attempt to woo the mystery suitor with their words in a first impressions round; bare their souls in a beachwear round; answer the mystery suitor’s most pressing romantic questions; and strive to receive a seal of approval from the mystery suitor’s most trusted family member in the final round.”

Sounds like a sure-fire way to find love, right?

There’s more.

The daters who don’t make a connection with the “mystery suitor” will leave, leaving two contestants who will finally meet the mystery suitor.

Per ABC: “At the dramatic end of each episode, our final two daters will meet their mystery girl or guy and make a proposal.

Of course, it’s “dramatic”!

This sounds like The Bachelor Lite. Or Married at First Sight without the wedding.

One episode and you make a proposal?

That makes finding love in two-weeks on The Bachelor Winter Games sound reasonable.

But we all know how that turned out.

Clare and Benoit ended their relationship a few weeks after they got engaged.

Ashley and Kevin split soon after the finale aired.

Oh, and Dean and Lesley ended their relationship, too. Wonder if she gave him back the key to his apartment?

Then again, it’s worked for SOME contestant’s on Lifetime’s Married At First Sight, so we’ll reserve judgment ’til The Proposal airs this summer.

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For now, we’ll be stalking checking out various Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants’ Instagram accounts to see if we can figure out who’s going on The Proposal and who’s headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

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