Who goes home on The Bachelorette premiere? Becca dumps 7 guys on night one

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Photo Credit: The Bachelorette/ABC /

The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin begins her journey to find love tonight. She won’t waste any time figuring out who gets a rose and who goes home.

Rachel Lindsay meets 28 guys during tonight’s Bachelorette premiere and it won’t take long for her to figure out which guys have husband potential.

The usual mix of “I’m here to gain Instagram followers” and “I just want to go to Paradise,” will arrive at the Bachelor mansion on night one. Some will have corny entrances and others will raise some red flags. But there are a few guys who catch her eye, including the guy who gets her first impression rose.

Bachelorette week 1 spoilers ahead

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After the first cocktail party, it will be clear to fans who some of Becca’s favorite guys are.

One guy gets the first kiss of the season AND the first impression rose — that’s a big deal!

Some guys aren’t quite so lucky. The Bachelorette will send one guy home during the cocktail party and she’ll send six more guys packing during the rose ceremony.

By next week, we won’t remember who they are, but some guys will do their best to stay relevant by pimping out watches and fitness plans on Instagram.

Limo entrances

New season, same silly entrances. There’s a guy in a chicken suit, one guy brings a choir, another guy arrives in a mini van.

More than one contestant will use Becca’s tag line, “Let’s do the damned thing.” That needs to stop. Enough, already.

Who goes home on night one?

Before she starts sending guys home, Becca gives out her first impression rose. Not only does she give out her first rose to Garrett Yrigoyen, he gets the only kiss of the night.

One of Becca’s guys doesn’t make it past the cocktail party. The Bachelorette star instantly recognized contestant Jake Enyeart when he stepped out of the limo.

She claims they met several times and hung out with the same circle of friends in Minnesota. His memory isn’t quite as good as Becca’s, but she calls him out for not being into her before she was on TV.

Jake goes home, the rest of the guys head to the first rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve, Becca will send the following contestants home: Kamil Nicalek, Chase Vergason, Joe Amabile, Darius Feaster, Grant Vandevanter, and Christian Estrada.

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Will any of the guys who were eliminated on night one show up in Paradise this summer? Maybe, but there are plenty of other guys who have a much better shot at another reality TV gig.

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