Bachelor in Paradise: Did Robby meet Amanda’s girls before they split?


Robby and Amanda didn’t keep their relationship a secret after they taped Bachelor in Paradise. Now they are coming forward with the details of their split.

When Amanda joined the Bachelor in Paradise season 4 cast, she told Us Weekly she wanted to “take it slow” and didn’t want to get engaged. Although she didn’t get engaged to Robby Hayes when the finale was filmed in July, she didn’t exactly take it slow.

Although she chose not to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite with Robby, she didn’t end their relationship when cameras stopped rolling. Instead, Amanda and Robby made it clear they were together, posting pics on social media that clearly showed they were still a couple.

Amanda and Robby split — how are her daughters doing?

Two months after filming wrapped, Amanda confirmed that she is no longer dating Robby. Their split will be addressed on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion on Monday night.

Aside from allegations that Robby cheated on Amanda, the big question is — were her daughters, Charlie and Kinsley, affected by the breakup?

After all, the girls were pushed into the limelight when Amanda and Josh got engaged on Paradise last summer. Josh moved into Amanda’s apartment and they constantly shared pics and video of their new little family.

Things got ugly and Josh moved out. Granted, Amanda’s daughters are young, but still — losing someone who’s in your life every day is tough at any age, even if the relationship is brief.

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Fortunately, Amanda didn’t make that mistake again. She stuck with her promise to “take it slow” and never introduced Robby to her daughters. Smart move, girl.

Not that Robby is a bad guy. I mean, his hair is questionable, but he seems to have a milder demeanor compared to Josh.

Hey, he might be a bit of a playboy but he seemed to treat Amanda with respect and didn’t start any fights in Paradise.

Hopefully, Amanda will retire from the Bachelor franchise and will continue to put her daughters first.

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