Bachelor in Paradise: Lacey reveals fantasy suite secret, Daniel denies they had sex


Daniel Maguire and Lacey Mark reportedly hooked up before Bachelor in Paradise but Daniel says they’ve never had sex — even in the fantasy suite.

Lacey Mark got her heart broken after she spent the night with Daniel Maguire in the fantasy suite. While they aren’t the most talked-about Bachelor in Paradise couple, it’s clear Lacey went on the show to find love. And Daniel? He’s in love with himself.

During Monday night’s Paradise finale, three couples will head to the fantasy suite, including Lacey and Daniel. Although many fans are under the impression that Daniel and Lacey met on the show, that’s not true. And what Daniel has to say about their brief relationship may not be in line with what really happened.

It’s not unusual for Bachelor franchise stars to get together off-camera. They toss partners around like they are part of a swinger’s club. More than one contestant spent time together before Paradise started filming in June, including Sarah Vendal who had a fling with both Robby Hayes and Adam Gottschalk.

As far as Lacey and Daniel’s relationship goes, she was basically used by Daniel so he could get his face back on TV. And let’s just say this: we’re glad Lacey spoke her mind on the Paradise reunion. Here’s what happened…

Lacey hooked up with Daniel before the show

Lacey and Daniel weren’t strangers before Paradise. According to Reality Steve, they hooked up before filming started and Lacey “strictly went on the show for Daniel.”

Anyone who watched Daniel on a recent episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker knows that Daniel is totally into himself. Clearly, he went on Paradise to get more TV time — not for love.

Did Lacey know that? Not ’til she spent the night in the fantasy suite.

“Whatever he told Lacey pre-show was to sucker her in,” Steve writes. “Because I know for a fact Daniel was asking other people before Paradise if they wanted to couple up. So, unfortunately, Lacey picked the wrong dude.”

What happened in the fantasy suite?

Lacey and Daniel spend the night in the fantasy suite during the Bachelor in Paradise finale. While fans rarely find out what happens when cameras aren’t rolling, most of us assume that the couples don’t spend their time talking. (Unless you’re Ashley I. and Jared)

Last week, I watched Daniel’s Instagram Live video to see if I could scoop some info about his relationship with Lacey. One of his followers asked if he hooked up with Lacey in the fantasy suite.

Daniel’s answer?

“I’ve never had sex with Lacey.”

Do we believe him? Who knows.

What did they do in the fantasy suite? Play cards?

Lacey calls Daniel out during the Paradise reunion

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The reunion was taped two weeks ago so it didn’t take long for Reality Steve’s spoilers to leak out.

Lacey reportedly told Daniel she was “blindsided” because she thought he liked her.

But she soon realized that wasn’t true.

When cameras weren’t rolling, Daniel told her, “this was all for TV.”

Aside from Dean’s love triangle, this may be one of the most awkward reunion moments during Monday night’s show.

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise finale and reunion starting at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, September 11.

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