Bachelor in Paradise reunion spoilers: Cheating, lies, and love stories


Which Bachelor in Paradise couples are totally in love and who broke up after filming wrapped in July? Here’s the scoop ahead of Monday’s reunion show.

Bachelor in Paradise season 4 will end with a reunion show on Monday, September 11. The reunion was taped almost two weeks ago and it didn’t take long for spoilers to leak out online.

Many of this season’s contestants decided to spoil the outcome of the show on social media, much to the disappointment of fans who still want the finale to be a surprise. However, if you can’t wait to hear about the relationship status of the couples who made it to the finale, here’s the scoop.

Paradise fantasy suite

On Monday night, the eight couples will be offered a key to the fantasy suite. Three will accept and five couples will leave Paradise single. However, there were some post-show hookups that will be addressed below.

Three couples spent the night together:  Taylor and Derek, Raven and Adam, and Lacey and Daniel. All three couples left Paradise in a relationship but there were no engagements.

The following couples left Paradise single: Jasmine and Jonathan, Amanda and Robby, Dominique and Diggy, DLo and  Dean, Christen and Jack.

Two couples continued their relationship off-camera. And that’s worth addressing below because both men were called out for not being faithful when they continued their relationships in the real world.

Bachelor in Paradise reunion

Here’s a list of contestants and their relationship status when the reunion was filmed (August 30). As far as we know, nothing has changed in the past two weeks. A live reunion would have been great but it’s still must-see TV, especially when DLo and Kristina go off on Dean.

Here’s a video preview of Monday night’s show. Scroll down for the latest scoop on all of the couples who made it to the finale.

Which couples are still together?

Taylor and Derek got engaged on the reunion show. We can’t imagine ABC will offer them a big TV wedding. Maybe they will slip their wedding into an episode of The Bachelor Winter Games.

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Raven and Adam are still dating. Will they get married? Eh. Who knows. I’m going to go with no.

Lacey and Daniel split after the show. Daniel claimed in an Instagram Live video that he didn’t sleep with Lacey in the Fantasy Suite. Reality Steve claims Lacey and Daniel hooked up before the show, so who knows. Frankly, who cares? Daniel went on for fame, nothing else.

Jasmine and Jonathan are both single.

Dominique and Diggy are also single.

Christen and Jack are not dating. Jack is rumored to be dating someone who isn’t related to the show.

Amanda and Robby dated after filming ended. During the reunion, Amanda thanked Robby for being kind to her during the show but she ended their relationship.

Apparently, he was spotted kissing someone else while they were dating. Amanda told him to take his perfect hair and go away. Well, we’re not sure what she said, but we hope she told him off for being a total douche.

amanda and robby
amanda and robby /

DLo and Dean left Paradise without spending the night in the Fantasy Suite. Dean told DLo he was in love with Kristina. During the reunion, DLo called Dean out and we can’t wait to watch.

DLo revealed that he spent the night with her in Miami AFTER cameras stopped rolling. She then went on to say that he continued to hook up with her when they arrived back in the U.S. — all while he was spending time with Kristina. Poor Kristina had no idea this was going on ’til she saw a photo (below) of Dean with DLo on social media. Suffice to say, Dean got blasted on the Paradise reunion show.

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise finale starting at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, September 11.

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