Lauren Bushnell says she’s ‘open’ to reconciling with Ben Higgins — she keeping the ring just in case

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Bachelor star Ben Higgins’ ex, Lauren Bushnell, admits that their relationship wasn’t easy but she’s open to getting back together — and she still has her ring.

Relationships come and go in the Bachelor world, but Lauren Bushnell isn’t quite ready to let her love story with Ben Higgins end. She moved out of Ben’s Colorado home and is now living in the Los Angeles area. And now Lauren speaking out about the potential for a do-over with Ben.

And she seems to be pondering whether it will eventually work out. Bushnell admitted to TMZ that she still hasn’t returned her diamond engagement. Her contract with ABC makes it clear if the couple breaks up before the two-year mark, the ring goes back.

Many fans were disappointed when Ben and Lauren broke up. There were rumblings for months that their relationship wasn’t going so well. Their social media accounts revealed that they were spending quite a bit of time apart after filming their Bachelor spinoff, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After on Freeform.

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However, now that the dust has settled, Lauren revealed that she isn’t opposed to getting back together with Ben.

On Tuesday, Lauren talked to TMZ while she was heading into the Los Angeles International Airport. The former flight attendant confirmed that while they are no longer a couple, she isn’t opposed to getting back together with the Bachelor star.

“I mean, I feel like I have no idea what’s going to happen in my life moving forward. I’m kind of open to all things,” Lauren told TMZ.

When she was asked whether “open” meant a possible reconciliation, Lauren smiled and replied, “yeah.”

She went on to say that she is aware that her engagement ring has to go back to ABC soon but admitted that she doesn’t know whether she’s ready to give it back just yet.

Do you think Ben and Lauren should try to work things out? Or is it time for both of them to move on?

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