‘Bachelor in Paradise’ cast revealed: Look who’s heading to ‘Paradise’ this summer

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Filming for Bachelor in Paradise begins this week. Season 4 promises to be one of the most controversial seasons in the history of the show.

Who’s joining the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 cast? Contestants are packing their bags this week, just days before filming for Season 4 gets underway. The premise of the show gives former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants a second shot at finding love, but not this season. Drama will trump love due, in part, to the rumored cast hookups that have been going on prior to filming.

Can’t wait for ABC to release the list of contestants? We have the scoop on who will be coming (and going) on Season 4.  Find the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 cast list below, along with few tidbits of juicy information about the contestants. Oh, and mark your calendars now — the premiere is set for August 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Ugly crying to the max

The upcoming season may be more about which contestants hooked up before the show than the potential love connections. We anticipate lots of ugly crying, jealousy, and some love triangles. It’s totally possible that some of the girls who had flings with one or more of the guys prior will arrive in Paradise with a suitcase full of stories about them. And vice versa.

Sounds like a box-o-wine-per-week season, that’s for sure.

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Bachelor in Paradise 2017 cast list

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Spoiler guru Reality Steve has come through again, releasing the name of this season’s Paradise contestants two months before the premiere.

Rumors about the cast have been circulating for weeks with only Raven Gates confirmed by ABC.

And many of the name on the list below won’t come as a big surprise. Do we have to pretend we’re shocked that Chase McNary and Robby Hayes are Paradise bound? They’ve been auditioning for it on Snapchat since they left JoJo’s season!

Keep in mind, the show will start with a base cast. Other contestants will show up weekly.

In the past, women have arrived after men departed the show. We’ll assume, for now, that will be the cast for Season 4.

  • From Nick’s season, Steve has confirmed the following girls:  Corinne, Astrid, Whitney, Kristina, Danielle L., Raven, Jasmine, Taylor, Danielle M., Christen.
  • From Ben’s season: Amanda Stanton
  • Still on the rumored list are: Jaimi King, Lacey Mark, and Sarah Vendal — all from Nick’s season.
  • Men from past seasons of The Bachelorette: Robby Hayes, Chase McNary, Ben Zorn, Alex Woytkiw.
  • Guys from Rachel’s season confirmed by Reality Steve: Jack Stone, Brady Ervin, Matt Munson, DeMario Jackson, Alex Bordyukov, Dean Unglert.
  • On the rumor list: Iggy, Kenny, Anthony, Lee, Adam, Blake E, and Lucas “Whaboom.”

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise premiere on August 8 on ABC.