Robby Hayes Wants ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Gig, Puts Relationship With MTV Star On Hold


Robby Hayes wants to join the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer so he put his relationship with another reality star on the back burner.

It’s been almost a year since Robby Hayes got dumped by Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher. Since then, the Florida native has managed to stay in the spotlight thanks to social media. Now Robby is hoping to be part of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 cast and he’s totally down with putting his love life on hold for another opportunity to be on TV.

Robby apparently wants the Paradise gig so badly he’s downplaying his current relationship with Kathryn Palmer, who recently appeared on MTV’s Are You The One. Over the past few weeks, Kathryn has been dropping hints on Instagram that she’s dating Robby (see the pics below). He tells Us “there’s nothing too serious going on” between them. How does Kathryn feel about that?

Okay, we’ll give a quarter of a point to Robby for being honest. He tellsUs Weekly that Kathryn knows he wants to appear on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. He’s been “pushing back” on their relationship and doesn’t want to date seriously just in case he gets called to go on the show. (We all know that he is going to Paradise, right?!)

In other words, let’s do the booty call thing for now. If I don’t get engaged on Paradise, we can totes get together again.

Pushing back on their relationship — or whatever it is — may be easier said than done. A glance at Kathryn’s MTV profile reveals that the 22-year-old is “in love with love.” She is eager to make any relationship work and is “incapable of putting the brakes on any guy” — whether he’s right for her or not.

Robby sets up house with potential Paradise cast members

Robby recently moved to Los Angeles to live with his Bachelorette co-star Chase McNary and Jef Holm, who was briefly engaged to Bachelorette Season 8 star Emily Maynard. Don’t be shocked to see all three of them on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Kathryn currently lives in Florida but Robby says he has encouraged her to move to Los Angeles, something she started thinking about before Robby moved in with Chase and Jef. Hayes goes on to say that he’d “love to hang out” with Kathryn if she ends up relocating.

Just no commitment ’til he’s done with Paradise. Got it?

"“I’d love to hang out with her here. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”"

Sounds like Robby is covering all of his bases. If he doesn’t find love on Bachelor in Paradise, maybe Kathryn will be waiting for him in Los Angeles. Or not.

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