Bachelor Nation braces for Ben and Lauren breakup statement [Update]

ben and lauren breakup
ben and lauren breakup /

Ben and Lauren may not be setting a wedding date after all. A new report indicates that the Bachelor couple will soon issue a breakup statement instead.

Last week, The Bachelor stars Ben and Lauren hosted the Disney Fairytale Weddings special on Freeform. Now the couple’s own wedding may be on a permanent hold with word that one of the most popular Bachelor franchise couples has split.

UPDATE: Ben and Lauren issued a formal breakup statement to People on Monday.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to go our separate ways. We feel fortunate for the time we had together, and will remain friends with much love and respect for one another. We wish nothing but the best for each other, and ask for your support and understanding at this time.”

Many fans who watched the Disney wedding special thought it might lead to an announcement that Ben and Lauren had finally set a wedding date. Although they were loving-it-up while hosting the show, things have changed since they taped the special several months ago.

In February, Ben and Lauren dropped some major hints that their relationship was a rocky one. However, they seemed to get back on track weeks later, posting on Instagram that their

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relationship isn’t perfect but they were trying.

Since then, Ben and Lauren have shared mostly solo photos from promotional events. Their cute couple pics have been almost non-existent. Although they haven’t issued a formal statement, Reality Steve announced on Friday that a breakup in Bachelor-land is forthcoming.

Wait! That’s multiple breakups, not just one.

Steve states that there is more than one couple who have called it quits this week. He didn’t name Ben and Lauren specifically, but anyone who follows the couple on social media knows what’s coming next.

As far as the other couple who have ended their relationship, there is speculation that Becca Tilley (Chris Soules‘ season) is no longer dating Robert Graham (Bachelor in Paradise Season 2).

Again, their split is based on their lack of togetherness on social media. It’s usually a red flag when Bachelor couples stop posting photos of each other on Instagram and Snapchat. Remember Josh and Amanda? They went from daily “we love each other” pics to solo shots weeks before they finally admitted their relationship was over.

Bachelor Nation will be watching and waiting to see if the speculation about Ben and Lauren is true. Breakups are never easy, but when you’re in the public eye, deciding when and how to announce a split is understandably difficult.

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