Chris Soules update: New evidence could put ‘Bachelor’ star in jail for 25 years


Chris Soules was arrested after leaving the scene of a fatal accident but new evidence may lead to more serious charges against the Bachelor star.

Last week, Chris Soules was arrested and charged with a Class D felony for the fatal hit-and-run crash that killed 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher. If convicted, the charge carries up to a 5-year jail sentence. However, new evidence could put the Bachelor star away for as long as 25 years.

Soules has lawyered up for the case. After the crash, he hired high-powered Iowa defense attorney Alfredo Parrish to defend him. However, prosecutors have now filed court documents that allege that Chris purchased beer shortly before the crash. That means potential drunk driving charges. And there’s more…

KCRG reports empty alcohol containers and “partially consumed beverages” were found in the pickup truck Soules was driving when he crashed into Mosher’s tractor. If prosecutors can prove that the former Bachelor star was intoxicated at the time of the crash, he could be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.

Here’s where things get a bit tricky for the prosecution

The 911 call (below) proves that Chris did try to help Mr. Mosher after the accident. He reportedly stayed at the scene until paramedics arrived. He reportedly left in a red pickup truck before police arrived. Authorities have yet to release who picked Soules up at the scene.

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It took police several hours to get a warrant for Chris’ arrest. After he was taken into custody, he was transported to a local hospital for a blood test. However, there’s a chance his blood alcohol level had already decreased by that time. Approximately five hours passed between the accident and his arrest.

NHS reports that it takes about two hours for your body to break down a pint of beer.

Prosecutors have their work cut out for them. KCRG reports determining what Soules’ blood alcohol level was at the time of the accident could be impossible. Did he leave the scene and request police get a warrant to buy himself some time?

Jail time, civil suits possible for Chris Soules

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Chris Soules‘ legal team may be able to get him off the hook for the criminal charges. Even if he doesn’t go to jail he could get hit hard in the wallet.

Soules , who runs a corn and soybean farm in Lamont, Iowa, could face a civil suit by Mr. Mosher’s family.

Iowa attorney Nick Sarconne tells Hollywood Life that Chris Soules could stand to lose “his farm and his estimated$1.5 million net worth.”

Chris Soules will be back in court next week. His first hearingis scheduled for May 9 at 2 p.m. at the Buchanan County Courthouse in Independence, Iowa.

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