The Bachelor season 24, episode 6 spoiled recap: Whew, Chile

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Victoria F.’s one-on-one

Victoria F. gets her second one on one. It’s interesting that Peter made this move. What it says, to us at least, is that he’s so far really only into the following people: Madi, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. If we were on this season and had miraculously made it this far, we’d probably be packing our bags, à la Mykenna, too. It’s blatantly clear that he’s prioritizing other relationships. That’s not a knock on Peter. We don’t blame him for wanting to spend more time with the women he’s most interested in, it’s just a bit obvious.

They go play with horses; luckily this version of “Old Town Road” is less traumatic than last season’s and the two have a great time. That said, while we’re no horse whisperers, we’re pretty sure repeatedly limbo-ing under a horse isn’t the best way to bond. Or avoid being killed by a horse. But, alas.

Ah, we met the quota: classic horseback riding equates to marriage metaphor from Pete. The horses are low-key better dancers than us and we didn’t need to be insulted this way after sitting through five hours of this show.

They ask a random Chilean woman if she sees love between them, and she says she sees too much love. These two have great chemistry. As we said prior, it’s very, very clear that Hannah Ann, Madison, and Victoria F. are his three strongest connections. Everyone else is in the distant fourth.

Whilst in a trailer bed, Victoria says she is unsure about the process and that it is difficult for her. Peter is so into Victoria because she isn’t overtly into him. This is simpleton brain 101: so far, she’s the one he can’t have and, as such, he’s obsessed with her.

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At the dinner portion, Victoria says she has walls up and is not able to give Peter the validation he’s looking for. Peter is very offended that she is not obsessed with him. Also, Peter is sunburnt. Victoria stopping to take a sip of wine while he’s on the edge of his seat for her reciprocation is a mood.

She tries to Cassie herself out of this situation but chickens out and cries in the other room instead. She says she doesn’t know what the problem is, and Peter is clearly a words of affirmation guy, so he’s really spiraling in the other room. Their narrative has been a little CW dramatic and it seems to…turn Peter on?

Not to be an armchair therapist here, but if the allegations about Victoria are true and she has, in fact, dated several married men, then it’s kind of clear that she likes to maintain emotional distance and chooses to put herself in situations that aren’t serious/“real.”

We don’t know what her childhood was like or if she had traumatic experiences that have made her unable to let people in, but it seems like she is trying to self-sabotage here because she is afraid of real feelings. Or she just hates Peter; who can say?

Victoria returns and Peter gives her the rose. Their connection is very apparent, but it’s less apparent whether Victoria will ever be able to truly let Peter in and give him the validation he craves.