The Bachelor season 24, episode 6 spoiled recap: Whew, Chile

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ABC/Maarten de Boer

Mykenna and Tammy’s impromptu two-on-one

Peter announces a spontaneous two-on-one for Mykenna and Tammy to end their drama. They meet him before the rose ceremony and hash it out. This is the most awkward threesome of all time. We genuinely don’t understand where this mean girl streak is coming from with Tammy – she was literally cool and fun until Monday’s episode. Peter hears both women out, but the problem is that he believes them both.

Imagine for a moment that Ben Higgins had believed Leah when she complained to him about Lauren. Sometimes, you don’t have to believe everyone. In any case, at least it is clear that he doesn’t feel strongly about any of the women embroiled in the drama this week, because he doesn’t feel the need to protect the victim as Ben did with Lauren.

Also, Peter, come on, man. If you need to be doing this by episode six, you need to just send both of the women home. Clearly, as you’ve explicitly expressed, you have issues getting to “the bottom of things” because, as previously mentioned, you believe whoever is in front of you at any given time. This parent-teacher conference will solve nothing. Neither Tammy nor Mykenna are at the top of your list. Neither has received a one-on-one while Victoria has now had two. Why not just cut both at the rose ceremony instead of adding this weird two-on-one date?

Peter tells Mykenna he believes her and sends Tammy home. Her exit speech is weird because she refers to Mykenna as a “trophy wife” – which is unrelated to the issues she complained to Peter about – and says she wouldn’t change herself for a guy. However, Peter has never claimed to want a “trophy wife,” nor had he asked her to change anything about herself, he only asked that she stop engaging in drama.

Cocktail party

Back at the cocktail party, Victoria finally gives Peter some validation and he jizzes in his pants. Kidding. Kind of.

Kelsey is finally getting a good edit this Bachelor episode, between defending Mykenna and her chill conversation with Peter in the wine cellar. We love when the women aren’t all edited as villains! Thanks, Bachelor production team!

Madison gets no screen time again; while we’d say this is a traditional f1 edit, that was also applicable to Tyler for most of Hannah’s season and well… he wasn’t.


ABC/Maarten de Boer

ABC/Maarten de Boer

Rose ceremony cuts

Mykenna and Sydney are sent home at the rose ceremony. He could have sent Mykenna home on the two-on-one, but it seems like he didn’t want to deal with potential crying and decided to just do it at the rose ceremony. Pretty cowardly move as he essentially gassed her up just to dropkick her two hours later. We’ll definitely see both these ladies in Paradise this summer.

The bloopers in the Bachelor credits show Peter and Victoria at some sort of grill, and Peter is really going hard on these meats. Victoria remarks several times that he really loves meat and seems smitten by how happy he is to be eating it.

However, she notes that she is a vegetarian and therefore couldn’t eat anything. We’d like to take this time to remind you that Peter’s first two follows upon returning to LA were two vegan accounts – we confirmed Victoria followed a plant-based diet. Reality Steve says Victoria is not in play as Peter’s pick and that he is definitely with either Hannah Ann or Madison, so we’re really going to need some answers on how caveman carnivore became plant-based Pete in a matter of weeks. Thanks in advance!

And now, our 5 hour extravaganza finally comes to a close. ‘Till next week, sleuthers. Xoxo.

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