Blake goes silent on social media before the Bachelorette finale

Most of Bachelorette Becca’s guys are showing off their abs and fitness routines on social media, but Blake has been very quiet in the days leading up to the finale.

On Monday, August 6, Bachelorette fans will find out if Becca gave her final rose to Garrett or Blake.  And yes, there are spoilers out there that point to Becca dumping Blake and accepting Garrett’s proposal, but we’re wondering if this season’s spoilers are wrong.

Mainly because Blake has gone silent on social media. Either he’s too busy crying about his breakup with Becca or he is enjoying time with Becca in a secret location set up by producers.

When Bachelorette filming wrapped in May, Becca went on a press tour and confirmed that she got engaged during the final rose ceremony.

Of course, she couldn’t say who she is engaged to, but there’s word that she’s still with the guy she picked.

And while we’re all assuming this picture of Becca at the final rose ceremony is a clear indication that she is engaged to Garrett, there are some who believe producers are trying to mislead fans so a Becca-Blake engagement is a big surprise.

Eh, I highly doubt that. But I’m holding out hope that the spoilers are wrong.

And I’m not alone — even former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is rooting for Blake.

Where is Blake?

Blake Instagram bio says, “Probably out of town” if that answers your question.

But, he’s had that up for awhile, so we think he’s just hiding out and avoiding all the craziness that goes along with being one of the Bachelorette’s final two guys.

Blake doesn’t post all that much on Instagram — it’s been a weeks since his last post and it was all about Becca.

Of course, his lack of posts could be attributed to Blake enjoying life instead of spending his day posting selfies and shirtless pics (hey, Connor).

Let’s hope he is enjoying time with Becca before they tell the world they are a couple during the Bachelorette After the Final Rose special.

The only other explanation for his absence I will accept is he’s busy signing a contract to become the next Bachelor.

Watch the Bachelorette season finale at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, August 6, or live streaming online.