The Bachelorette season finale: Grab the tissues, it’s going to be a tear-jerker

The Bachelorette finale is less than a week away, so stock up on tissues. Becca is about to break one guys heart and it’s going to be a serious heart-breaker!

The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin got herself into a real mess this season — she fell in love with both Blake and Garrett. Now she has to break one guy’s heart. Let’s hope that she didn’t make a gigantic mistake.

Just a thought that you may not agree with — I’m pretty sure she did makde a mistake and will regret her decision. I’ve been wrong before, so let’s hope my relationship meter is off.

Previews for the Bachelorette season finale show Becca struggling with her decision.

Hey, it’s not every day you spend the night with two different guys and then, a few days later, try to figure out which one would make a better husband.

The pressure to pick the right guy is probably an even bigger issue for Becca considering how her last TV relationship ended up.

But, this time Becca gets to choose who she wants to spend her life (or a few months) with. At least she has control over the situation.

Then again, if she is truly in love with both Garrett and Blake, making that decision may be even harder than having her breakup air on TV.

Becca the heartbreaker

After filming wrapped in May, Becca went on a press tour and she was all smiles. She told In Style that she “found her person.”

And we’re hearing that she’s still engaged, so that’s good news. Hopefully her recent Instagram story isn’t an indication of how things are going with her new man.

Although it sure sounds like Becca found her happily-ever-after, that doesn’t mean the finale wasn’t a total heartbreaker.

Spoilers ahead

According to the photo below from TMZ, it looks like Becca picked Garrett and dumped Blake. I have my own opinions about her choice, but she’s a grown women and let’s just hope she made the right decision.

Reality Steve reports that Becca did not let Blake go before the rose ceremony. That’s where the tissues come into play…

Bachelorette Becca Engaged Garrett


Blake is going to walk up to Becca thinking he’s “the one” and she’s going to break his heart. Knowing how sensitive Blake’s been this season (not a bad thing!!!), we foresee Blake having a really hard time with the breakup.

Will that put him out of the running for the next Bachelor? Maybe he won’t be ready — or he will hold at hope that Becca will change her mind now that she’s had some time to get to know Garrette.

That means the Bachelor gig will potentially go to Jason. And while I am totally down with watching Jason find love as the Bachelor, I’m still rooting for Blake to find love after heartbreak.

Watch the Bachelorette finale starting at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, August 6.