How far does Jordan Kimball make it with Bachelorette Becca Kufrin?


Jordan Kimball isn’t really a villain, he’s just obnoxious. Will his unique style charm Becca or are his days on the Bachelorette numbered?

When Bachelorette Becca Kufrin gave Jordan Kimball gold boxer shorts, he didn’t waste any time stripping down to show her his assets. Or whatever that was. Although she was clearly entertained by the self-centered model, is his over-the-top personality final rose worthy?

We’re going to go with “no way” when it comes to Jordan making it to the final rose ceremony. But there’s no doubt that producers love having him around for entertainment purposes. The big question is, will Jordan make it past the Week 5 two-on-one date? If so, how much longer will he stick around? Here’s the scoop!

Jordan, 26, hails from Crystal River, Florida. We all know he’s a model, but, according to his ABC bio, he was a business/accounting major in school.

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Maybe he figured that a modeling would be more lucrative. Or it gave him a better shot at becoming one of the most talked about contestants on this season of the Bachelorette.

Jordan’s Vegas date

Becca and her remaining guys head to Las Vegas on Episode 5 (June 25). Of course, Jordan is picked for the 2-on-1 date, along with his arch rival, Chicken Guy David.

When ABC released a video preview of the date, we were sure that Becca would send Jordan home and keep David around for another week.

Instead, spoilers point to Becca sending Chicken Guy David home during the date.

Does that mean Jordan is safe with a rose?

No way.

There’s good news if you’ve had enough of Obnoxious Model Jordan. He doesn’t make it to the Fantasy Suite … or the Hometown dates.

According to Reality Steve, Becca sends Jordan home shortly after David makes his exit.

So, that’s the end of Jordan’s drama, but stay tuned — we’re fairly sure he’ll make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.

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