How far does Lincoln Adim make it with Bachelorette Becca Kufrin?

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Bachelorette contestant Lincoln Adim has yet to get a one-on-one date with Becca — will he make it through another rose ceremony?

Lincoln Adim thinks the earth is flat and was recently convicted of indecent assault and battery, but Becca is keeping him around. In her defense, she probably didn’t see the flat earth conversation until the episode aired last week. And his conviction? She probably found out about that after filming because ABC’s background checks don’t really work.

Since his recent conviction made headlines, producers have failed to edit Lincoln off the show. So, how long will he stick around? Here’s the scoop.

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Even without reading spoilers, we all know he won’t get Becca’s final rose.

She seems to be laser-focused on one guy — well, maybe two, but it’s clear who her frontrunners are.

Lincoln seems to be sticking around because producers want him there, much like Jordan and his golden underpants.

When will Becca send Lincoln home?

Lincoln won’t get a one-on-one date, but he won’t be leaving just yet.

On Monday, June 25, Becca’s remaining guys will head to Las Vegas for a group date, a two-on-one date, and a one-on-one.

Colton gets the one-on-one, Chicken Guy David and annoying Jordan get the dreaded two-on-one. The rest of the guys go on a group date, including Lincoln.

It’s not clear who gets the group date rose, but Lincoln is safe for another week. Becca does not send him home during the Week 5 rose ceremony.

Lincoln gets into a verbal tussle

Episode 6 airs on July 2, one week before Becca’s hometown dates. The guys head to Richmond, Virginia and Lincoln will get picked for yet another group date.

According to Reality Steve, Lincoln gets into a verbal tussle with Chris during the date.

“They both body shamed each other. Lincoln told Chris Becca would only be into him if she were lesbian because of Chris’ girly body. Called him a woman, said he needed a tampon, and also called him a fat f**k. I guess Chris used to be very overweight when he was younger. Lincoln then said Chris body shamed him too because he accused Lincoln of using steroids.”

Are any of these guys worthy of Becca’s final rose? No.

Becca finally comes to her senses and sends Lincoln home during the Week 6 rose ceremony. We assume that he won’t be heading to Paradise this summer now that he is serving out his sentence after his May 2018 conviction.

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