How far does Colton Underwood make it with Bachelorette Becca Kufrin?

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Colton Underwood comes face-to-face with Tia Booth during a Bachelorette group date. Does Becca keep him around ’til end or send him packing?

When Colton Underwood first revealed that he dated Tia Booth (Arie’s season), many fans were shocked that Bachelorette Becca didn’t send him home.

Now, to add more drama to the situation, Tia will show up on an episode 3 group date. Will Becca see the connection between Colton and Tia, or will she trust that the NFL star is over the girl who many thought would become the 2018 Bachelorette? Here’s the scoop! (Spoilers ahead)

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Clearly, Becca had no idea that Colton (briefly) dated Tia before filming for The Bachelorette started in March.

Although Colton’s confession seemed to surprise Becca, there is no doubt producers knew about their get-together. By keeping the information from Becca, it created a dramatic storyline that won’t end anytime soon.

The big question is – why didn’t Tia tell Becca? And the other big question is how far will Colton make it with Becca this season?

We have no clue why Tia didn’t tell Becca that she spend time with Colton. Maybe she was told not to? But, they are supposedly friends so we’re a little baffled why she didn’t spill the beans before Colton left to start filming.

What’s next for Tia, Colton, and Becca?

You’d think this was Paradise – the whole situation is a love triangle in the making. However, we think Becca is just attracted to Colton on the surface and knows he’s not the guy for her.

We also think there’s a good chance Colton’s trying to snag the Bachelor gig — more on that later.

Here’s what happens..

During the week 3 group date, Tia and Colton will be in the same room together, but he won’t leave the show. Instead, he convinces Becca he is there for her (eye roll) and he continues on right through the hometown dates

Surprise! Tia shows up during hometowns!

According to Reality Steve, Tia will make another appearance on the show during the hometown dates episode. Hey, she didn’t get The Bachelorette gig but at least she gets some air time. And it won’t be her last appearance on TV, either.

Apparently, Tia wants to claim her man so she shows up before the hometown dates rose ceremony. Becca finally gets the go-ahead from producers (we assume) and tells Colton to go home.

Tia and Colton will reunite in Paradise!

Because dating off-camera doesn’t help you increase your Insta followers, both Tia and Colton are rumored to be part of the Bachelor in Paradise season 5 cast.

Filming started last week and Colton was already spotted lounging around with a producer waiting for cameras to start rolling.

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Will Tia and Colton make a love connection in Paradise? 

Don’t hold your breath...

We won’t find out what happens until Bachelor in Paradise spoilers leak out online this summer. But, we’re going to make a prediction — Colton will break Tia’s heart during the Paradise finale.

That may put Colton in line to become the 2019 Bachelor star if that gig doesn’t go to Jason or Blake. Or maybe … round two for Ben Higgins?

Stay tuned!

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