Arie and Lauren’s wedding will be part of Bachelor special, says ABC exec


Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr will marry Lauren Burnham in January, but TV cameras will be part of their big day, according to Robert Mills.

Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr and Lauren Burnham have confirmed they will tie the knot in Hawaii on January 12, 2019. During a recent appearance on The View, they confirmed it won’t be a TV wedding.

ABC exec Robert Mills says that’s not completely true…

During a recent interview with Variety, Mills said he first learned about Arie and Lauren’s wedding date when he watched The View. He assumed they are getting married in Hawaii because they want a “measure of privacy.”

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“My suspicion is they probably want a measure of privacy. I don’t think they’ve been a couple that people have been particular kind to … for us, we’re just thrilled that they did find love. They went through this really painful experience and are going get married. So we’re happy for them.”

Fans assumed Arie wasn’t a popular-enough Bachelor star to get his own wedding special.

After all, host Chris Harrison recently told THR Arie is “a knucklehead” who did some “dumb things” during his time as The Bachelor.

But, Robert Mills says Arie and Lauren’s wedding WILL be included in an upcoming Bachelor special. 

“We’ll include the wedding in some way in the show, and we’ll have Arie and Lauren on one of our specials. You can never leave “The Bachelor” family.”

“In some way” might mean ABC will include a few video clips from Lauren and Arie’s big day on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

Or, maybe they will make an appearance on Becca’s season to announce their wedding.

Another thought — since Becca has confirmed she engaged, may she will get married on TV next year and producers will add a segment in about Arie’s wedding.

That would be weird, but at least everyone would be happy.

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