Chris Harrison dishes on Bachelorette Becca’s top 5 guys

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Bachelorette host Chris Harrison reveals his top 5 guys from Becca’s season. Are any of them worthy of her final rose?

Chris Harrison introduced Bachelorette Becca Kufrin’s guys during Thursday’s Facebook live event. Now he’s sharing his thoughts about five guys fans should keep their eyes on this season. Chris tells People magazine that Becca’s guys “fell in love quickly” with the Bachelorette star.

We’re wondering if they fell in love with the idea of becoming Instagram famous? Or perhaps faking a broken heart so they can get a shot at becoming the next Bachelor. Here’s the scoop on the guys who are on Chris Harrison’s “five guys to watch” list.

Considering one of the guys on Chris Harrison’s “5 guys to watch” list is a model, we’re going to assume finding love may not be the ONLY reason some of the men joined Becca’s season. Yes, we’re pre-judging.

Jordan Kimball

Jordan is a model. (Shocking!) Chris says he “brought his A-game” and wore underwear to a rose ceremony. (Sketchy!) His Twitter handle is  @Mr__Right_Now_ (Seriously?!)

He reminds us of Robby Hayes (Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise). We’re going to place our bets that he makes it to Paradise this summer but doesn’t make a love connection with Becca.

Clay Harbor

Clay is one of two NFL players who will be vying for Becca’s heart this season. Chris says Becca “really likes Clay” and he is “a very good guy, very sincere, very sweet but also very charismatic.”

Very, very, very good chance he won’t win the final rose. Especially because Chris says “Becca really likes Clay.” However, considering the amount of time he spends on Instagram, we expect to see him in Paradise this summer.

Colton Underwood

Another NFL player. Colton was released by the Oakland Raiders in 2016, so he has time on his hands.

Chris says Colton is  “very kind, the kind of guy who would never hurt a fly” but he has a secret in his past that could be a “big obstacle for Becca.”

It won’t be long before we find out what that secret is, but we do know he was spending time with Tia Booth before he joined the Bachelorette cast.

Lincoln Adim

Chris says Lincoln is “endearing and sweet and has an edge. He’s a really interesting guy.”

Lincoln, an account executive for Oracle, was one of the guys Becca met during the Bachelor After the Final Rose in March.

We’re going to take a wild guess and say Lincoln makes it far enough to get a shot at becoming a Bachelor in Paradise contestant. Or maybe the next Bachelor if ABC steps up its diversity game.

Garrett Yrigoyen

Chris says Garrett “has a lot in common with Becca” and they get along very well from night one. (Spoiler alert — here’s the scoop about Garrett’s first night with Becca) Garrett suffers from a (recent) broken heart and Chris calls him a “slow mover.” According to Reality Steve, Garrett got married in September 2015 to a woman named Kayla Cunningham. They reportedly got divorced six months later.

Garrett is rumored to make it further than most this season — perhaps the Bachelorette healed his broken heart? We’ll find out soon enough!

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