Lesley Murphy throws major shade at Dean Unglert — again!

Photo Credit: The Bachelor Winter Games/ABC
Photo Credit: The Bachelor Winter Games/ABC /

Lesley and Dean broke up weeks after the Bachelor Winter Games ended, but Lesley continues to drop hints about why they split.

It’s been almost a month since Lesley Murphy and Dean Unglert ended their relationship via cryptic Instagram posts. Their long-winded statements didn’t say why they decided to call it quits. But, if you check out some of Lesley’s recent social media comments, it’s fair to assume Dean wasn’t ready to commit to just one girl.

And now, less than two months after Dean gave Lesley the key to his apartment on the Winter Games finale, Lesley is still making random comments about her failed relationship Dean. You know, Dean — the cute guy with the nice blue eyes who was tagged “f-boy” on last summer’s season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Last month, Lesley wrote “out with the old, in with the TRUE” — possibly a hint that Dean wasn’t truthful to her? And this week she made a comment on Instagram about Dean’s inability to stick with one girlfriend.

Here’s what happened

On Tuesday, Winter Games contestant Courtney Dober posted a photo of himself with his girlfriend, Lily McManus. (Of note, Courtney and Lily are the only couple from the show who are still together.)

Courtney captioned the photo, “Trying to get a nice selfie with Goldie locks is about as easy as getting @deanie_babies to choose one girlfriend.”

It didn’t take long for Lesley to leave a rather telling comment — “Probably easier tbh.”

Dean’s reply

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Whether Lesley was being light-hearted or throwing major shade is up for discussion.

But Dean’s reply to Courtney’s post is questionable.

“@lilymcmanus is so photogenic, it seems simple enough.”

Okay — it’s a compliment to Lily and she is indeed photogenic. However, if you read into it, Dean’s comment puts him right back in the f-boy lane. Why couldn’t he just say, “I know … I can’t help myself. I’m just not a guy who can keep his eyes on one girl.”

Alright  — I’m way too invested in the lives of The Bachelor couples.

Dean’s back to doing what he does best…

Lesley’s comment comes days after Dean spent time at Stagecoach with a few Bachelor alum, including Kendall Long from Arie’s season.

So, it seems he’s recovering from his breakup quite nicely, mingling with ladies he hasn’t dated. Yet.

This comment on Reddit sums up the whole situation quite nicely….

“…Throwing shade his [Dean’s] way is not going to hurt him in any way. It’s only helping him build his brand and drive more traffic on his account and make his “Help me [I Suck At Dating]” podcast more popular … Leslie can do so much better. She should think of this as a learning experience and move on. She’s gorgeous, and I’m sure she won’t have any problems dating in the future.”

Will we see Dean on Bachelor in Paradise this summer? Maybe they give him a gig as the pool boy.