Bachelor Winter Games: Ben Higgins not looking for love, still dating Lindsay Duke?

Photo Credit: The Bachelor Winter Games/ABC
Photo Credit: The Bachelor Winter Games/ABC /

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins is one of 26 contestants on the Winter Games spinoff, but he was already in a relationship before he joined the cast.

The Bachelor Winter Games is supposed to give contestants another shot at finding love on TV, but Ben Higgins might be there for a winter vacation. Although he tells Us Weekly that he “took steps in the love department” when the spinoff was filmed in December, he apparently didn’t hookup with anyone. Why? It could be because he had a girlfriend back home.

Who is Lindsay Duke?

Several months ago, rumors surfaced that Ben was dating a girl named Lindsay Duke during the summer. She’s the girl who was spotted with Robby Hayes while he was dating Amanda Stanton.

Apparently, Ben is still dating Lindsay. But, for some reason, he’s keeping their relationship under wraps. Maybe because he wanted to go on Winter Games?

In late September, Ben was spotted out and about in Denver with Lindsay. At that time, he told E! News that he was indeed dating, but didn’t mention Lindsay by name. He also said he wasn’t “close” to settling down again so soon after his breakup with Lauren Bushnell.

Why is Ben keeping Lindsay a secret?

According to Reality Steve, Lindsay spent Thanksgiving with Ben’s friends and family. He’s been dating her since July and if he’s not serious about their relationship, did he invite her to Thanksgiving just for the heck of it.

Granted, they could be friends. Or friends with benefits. In that case, maybe he did go on the Bachelor Winter Games to see if he could find a serious relationship.

Come on now …

Who finds a relationship on a show that films for two weeks? Then again … there are two couples who are still dating since filming wrapped in late December.

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However, blogger Reality Steve states that Ben didn’t “partner up” with anyone on The Bachelor Winter Games and he’s still seeing Lindsay Duke.

So, we assume he just wanted to go skiing with friends!?

“He’s been seeing Lindsay since July when I first reported it and yes, she was sitting next to him at Thanksgiving dinner with his friends and family,” Steve writes. “No idea why he hasn’t gone public with her yet. Why’d he do Winter Games? Again, your guess is as good as mine, but maybe he just wanted to have a fun vacation or something. He didn’t “partner” or “pair up” with anyone really when he was there.”

Do you think Ben is really looking for love on The Bachelor Winter Games?