Bachelor Ben Higgins dating Robby Hayes’ side chick, Lindsey Duke — and that’s not all! [report]


Ben Higgins reportedly has a new girl in his life. Lindsey Duke is no stranger to guys in the Bachelor world.

Ben Higgins went through a very public breakup with Lauren Bushnell. Although he recently stated that he wasn’t quite ready to get back out in the dating world, it appears he changed his mind. Whether he’s seriously dating Lindsey Duke or just hooking up with her, he’s not the first guy from the Bachelor franchise to spend time with her.

Most recently, Lindsey Duke’s name came up when Amanda Stanton shared pics of Robby Hayes and Lindsay all over each other at a concert (pic below). Apparently, this took place when Amanda and Robby were still dating. Hayes calls it “casually dating” – many people call it cheating. Robby’s friend, Jef Holm (Bachelorette Season 8) also has ties to Lindsey. But, first, let’s address the Ben and Lindsey situation.

Ben is back in action

On Thursday, Reality Steve revealed some juicy information about broken-hearted Ben Higgins. Well, it seems that he’s getting over his breakup, but does he know Lindsey’s history?

The Bachelor star could be on the rebound, but whatever’s happening, Ben has been spending time with Lindsey and he’s not trying to hide it. Or he’s not doing a very good job keeping it a secret.

“Ben Higgins is currently seeing/dating/hooking up with: Lindsey Duke,” Steve writes. “He was seen Labor Day night at Sloan’s Lake Tap and Burger bartending for an event that helped Hurricane Harvey victims ….  witnesses there told me he left with Lindsey Duke that night. I’ve seen pictures of them together there … In addition, Ben was recently spotted at breakfast with Lindsey Duke. So it may not mean anything to you and I’m guessing fans of Ben will refuse to believe he’s with this girl but, well, he is …  they are definitely spending time with each other.”

Lindsey’s history with Bachelor guys

Most Bachelor in Paradise fans got a peek at the pic Amanda tweeted out that shows Robby Hayes kissing Lindsey Duke at a Zac Brown concert back in July (pic below). Of note, Steve said Lindsey and Robby hooked up in the past when he lived in Florida, so they’ve known each other for awhile.

However, Robby isn’t the only guy from the franchise she’s recently hooked up with.

Lindsey, who attended UCF, lives in Denver. That’s where she was when she spent time with Robby at the concert (pics below).

Ben lives in Denver, so it’s all starting to make sense.

It seems that the guys from the franchise enjoy spending time with her…. including Jef Holm.

According to Reality Steve, she hooked up with Jef Holm (Bachelorette season 8) two weeks before her fling with Robby.

"“I can FURTHER report now that two weeks previous to Robby and Lindsey’s fling at the concert together, none other than Jef Holm also hooked up with Lindsey as well in Colorado.”"

Jef also spent time with sweet Kristina before she dated Dean. What. A. Mess.

Will Ben talk about this during his “Almost Famous” podcast with Ashley Iaconetti? Chances are, no. But we’re anxious to find out if this is a fling or if he’s actually dating Lindsey.

Does he know about Robby and Jef? Can’t imagine he doesn’t, especially with pics flowing on social media.

[Featured Image via ABC]