Will Dean join his BFF Peter on The Bachelor Winter Games in February?


Dean Unglert admits he sucks at dating but will he get another shot at finding love on the Bachelor Winter Games?

The Bachelor franchise’s newest spinoff, Winter Games, will air in February 2018. Filming is expected to start in December. The show will feature some familiar faces as well as girls and guys who have appeared on the Bachelor Japan, AustraliaCanada, and U.K.

So far, the only cast member who has been confirmed is Peter Kraus. Although the complete cast list probably won’t be revealed until January, there’s a good chance we will see Peter’s BFF, Dean Unglert on the new winter spinoff.

Dean Unglert totally screwed up on Bachelor in Paradise. He created a love triangle with Danielle Lombard and Kristina Schulman that continued after cameras stopped rolling.

Now he has a podcast aptly named, “I Suck at Dating” — his first guest was Kristina and his second guest was Peter. It hasn’t happened yet, but don’t be shocked if DLo is one of Dean’s upcoming podcast guests.

It’s a no-brainer that he’s using the podcast to help him learn how to date so he doesn’t act like a total tool on the Bachelor Winter Games.

Okay, we’re assuming he’s going to be part of the cast, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? He’s good friends with Peter, his blue eyes are great for ratings, and every villain needs a chance to redeem himself, right?

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss teased that there are more announcements to come. Will Dean be on the list?

Bachelor Winter Games cast

There are several former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars who we’d love to see on the Winter Games in February. Becca Tilley (Chris Soules’ season) recently dropped a major hint that she may join the cast during a conversation on the Almost Famous podcast.

“I’m retired,” Becca told Ashley I. and Ben Higgins. “Actually, I say that but the Bachelor Winter Games sounds so fun!”

Although we probably won’t see Chris on the show (his court date is coming up soon), is there a chance Ben Higgins will be part of the cast? Don’t rule him out just yet!

We were hoping to see Ben Zorn, but it looks that that’s a no-go. Ben has a new girlfriend — she’s a dog lover, too!

Luke Pell? Jared Haibon? Ashley I.? All single and ready to mingle during the Winter Games? We’ll put them on our “maybe” list.

We’re not sure how we feel about recent contestants — Alexis Waters, Jasmine Goode, and the Ferguson twins. However, we do think having couples on the show would be great. Considering it won’t be all about love — there will be a competitive aspect to the show — having some of our favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette couples on the show would change things up!

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