Bachelor in Paradise: Dean Unglert gets dating advice from Kristina Schulman


Bachelor in Paradise has been over for weeks but Dean and Kristina are still talking about their failed relationship.

Dean Unglert has a brand-new podcast called “Help! I Suck At Dating” because … well, he sucks at dating. We’ll be totally honest, his podcast isn’t going to win any awards and it may fizzle out sooner than later.

Before that happens, you must listen to his conversation with Kristina Schulman, the girl he screwed over on Bachelor in Paradise. (listen below)

Kristina schools Dean

It’s not a big surprise that Dean chose to bring Kristina on as his first podcast guest. She knows first-hand about Dean’s inability to commit, so kudos to her for being totally direct with Dean about his dating deficiencies.

"“What I’ve noticed with you — and I’m sure the rest of America has too — is that you have this wall up and you’re always joking and smiling, but as soon as someone gets past that wall, you have a lot to say. You have a lot going on, and between you and me, I think I noticed that early on … It’s supposed to be all fun and flirting and laughing in the beginning, but eventually, I think it has to move into some kind of feelings talk.”"

Kristina didn’t stop there. She told Dean he tends to “sugarcoat things” and needs to learn how to be more direct — something that would have served him well in Paradise.

"“You tend to sugarcoat things and not say exactly how you feel. You try to find a roundabout way. But sometimes it’s best to just say it. It might hurt. I know I’ve told you this multiple times. It’s going to sting in the moment. It’s better than finding out later.”"

Still, it must hurt Kristina to have to give Dean dating advice. After spending two weeks together during the Bachelor in Paradise hiatus in June, Kristina thought their relationship was going to continue when filming resumed. We all know how that turned out.

Although there have been rumors that Dean and Kristina are dating again, Dean tells Us Weekly that they are just “casually talking” and trying to figure out “if anything’s there.”

Dean still doesn’t know what he wants. And his podcast isn’t going to help him. Hopefully, Kristina will move on because there’s a good chance Dean will continue to suck at dating.

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