DLo says Dean was encouraged to dump her on Bachelor in Paradise finale


Bachelor in Paradise ended a week ago, but details about Dean’s love triangle continue to emerge.

Dean Unglert received plenty of backlash from Kristina Schulman and Danielle “DLo” Lombard during last week’s Bachelor in Paradise finale. Although the criticism about his choices seems to be appropriate, producers may have had a hand in making things worse than they already were.

Although the finale aired a week ago, it’s been more than two months since the Bachelor in Paradise finale was filmed. Now that the show is over, contestants are starting to talk about their experience on the show and it confirms that producers like to stir up drama.

Dean’s TV days are not over

Throughout the season, it appeared Dean made his own (bad) choices, prompting many fans to dub him the Bachelor in Paradise “f**k boy.” Now that the show is over, it seems there’s more to the story.

While we’re not giving Dean a pass for his actions, anyone who has watched the Bachelor franchise shows knows the producers are responsible for giving contestants a good or bad edit.

After the finale, DLo spoke with Us Weekly about Dean’s exit on the finale. Fans watched Dean leave after telling DLo that he was in love with Kristina. Apparently, producers encouraged him to break things off.

“He told me that he was encouraged to say those things,” DLo said during her interview with Us.

Clearly, producers wanted Dean to go out on a good note. There is no doubt ABC wants Dean to join the Bachelor Winter Games cast in January.

Mark my words, they tried to make him look good by having him leave DLo for Kristina. But that’s not what really happened.

Dean stayed with DLo in Mexico

Although Dean left DLo during the finale because he was “in love” with Kristina, he didn’t head to the nearest phone to call Kristina.

Instead, he spent the night with DLo.

During her interview with Us, DLo explained how Dean pursued her in Mexico, minutes after filming wrapped.

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“We left in separate vans to go back to the hotel. It’s funny because when I pulled up, there was another car in front of me and I was like, “I bet that’s Dean.” Sure enough, he gets out. I was like, ‘Screw this guy.’ I got back to my hotel room and I think it was five minutes after I put my bags down that I got a phone call from him. I didn’t want to talk to him at all. I hung up on him several times before actually staying on the line. I gave it to him straight. I said, ‘You don’t know what you want. You made a complete fool of me on national television. You literally told me you loved someone else and now you’re calling me saying you want to hang out. I just don’t understand your thought process.'”

DLo went on to say Dean ended up going to her hotel room where they “talked some more.”

“He told me that he was encouraged to say those things. I just think it was his way of saving face at the end of Paradise. He came over to my hotel room and we talked some more.”

They probably did more than just talk, but we’ll just leave that to everyone’s imagination.

Life after Paradise

As soon as we got back to L.A., we hung out with each other and started this off-camera relationship that I thought was going in the right direction. ”

Dean and DLo were spotted out and about in L.A. in July when they returned from Mexico. Two months later, Dean is single and DLo states that although she doesn’t “hate” Dean, she is frustrated with him.

Maybe ABC will bring Kristina and Dean on the Bachelor Winter Games so they can team up against Dean. Just a thought.

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