Peter Kraus headed to Bachelor Winter Games? Heck, yeah!


Still crying because Peter Kraus isn’t the Bachelor? Here’s some good news about the Bachelor Winter Games!

Peter Kraus won’t be handing out roses in January, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see him back on TV in 2018. Although only a few details about ABC’s new reality show, the Bachelor Winter Games, have been released, it looks like Peter could be one of the contestants on the competition-style show.

UPDATE October 4: Mike Fleiss confirmed that Peter will be part of the Winter Games cast! — “Yes, Peter will be looking for love– and going for the gold– on TheBachelor Winter Games!!!!”

Mike Fleiss hinted on Tuesday, September 12 that Peter will be part of the cast — if this isn’t a major hint, I don’t know what is — “When the timing isn’t right, there’s always #TheWinterGames.

We knew Peter would turn down the Bachelor gig. Although one of his Instagram posts hints that he regrets the decision, he did the right thing. If he knows he won’t be ready to get married after three dates, good for him. And good for us because we’re pretty sure producers are prepping him for the Winter Games.

The timing wasn’t right for Peter to become the Bachelor, so Mike’s tweet says it all. And casting Peter would be a smart move — his appearance would definitely boost the ratings for the winter spinoff.

Here’s what we know so far about the new spinoff series, including some of the Bachelor alum rumored to be joining the cast. And let’s hope they do away with the forced love connections so Peter won’t feel uncomfortable.

Peter is fit and ready to go to the Bachelor Olympics

Peter owns his own personal training biz and also teaches fitness classes at Kamps Fitness in Wisconsin. Have you checked out some of his shirtless pics on Instagram?

He’s the perfect fit for the Winter Games. Of course, we’re assuming they are going to have some type of Olympic competitions since the show will air when the 2018 Winter Olympics begin.

The Bachelor Winter Games will be filmed in Vermont. That’s perfect —Peter lives in Wisconsin so he knows what snow looks like.

We can totally see him skiing, snowboarding, or even rolling a giant snowball (shirtless) down a hill. Anything other than getting engaged after 3-4 days sounds.

Of course, there will be some element of love. But will singles be mixed with couples?

Other than Peter, who is rumored to be joining the cast?

Other than a Mike Fleiss’ tweet about Vermont and today’s tweet about the “timing being right” (we know he’s talking about Peter!), details about the show have been slim.

Becca Tilley (Chris and Ben’s seasons) has no interest in appearing on another season of the Bachelor, but she didn’t say “no” when asked about the Winter Games spinoff.

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During an interview with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s on their “Almost Famous” podcast, Becca said, “I’m retired …actually, I say that but the Bachelor Winter Games sound so fun!”

However, there is word that some of the contestants could be from internationally-based Bachelor shows, so we may see some new faces when theWinter Games airs in February.

We could totally see JoJo and Jordan competing if there’s a couple/singles mix.

And what about Kaitlyn and Shawn?

As far as singles, we know Ben Zorn is into fitness, but he’s also into his dog, so he may not want to break away from his pup again.

Oh, and let’s not forget Eric Bigger!

And Peter, of course. Because if we can’t have him as the Bachelor 2018, we definitely want to watch him on the Winter Games.

[Featured Image via Peter Kraus Instagram]