Bachelor in Paradise news: Corinne dating DeMario after dumping her boyfriend? [Pics]

Bachelor in Paradise star Corinne Olympios has confirmed she dumped her boyfriend and is dating someone new. Is it DeMario Jackson?

Shortly after Corinne’s interview with Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison aired on ABC, she was spotted kissing DeMario Jackson outside a Los Angeles nightclub. While it’s not clear if this was their first meet-up since they left Paradise, there is speculation that they are now dating.

Maybe they were just happy to see each other after the whole sexual misconduct scandal made headlines. Corinne told Chris Harrison that she didn’t blame DeMario, so it’s clear she doesn’t have a beef with him. However, is it possible that Corinne ditched her boyfriend, Jordan Gielchinsky, for DeMario? Here’s what we know!

Dating? Not dating? Hooking up?

Last week, Corinne told the Hollywood Reporter that she is no longer in a relationship with Gielchinsky and is “seeing someone else.” She did not reveal the identity of her new man.

Oddly enough, Chris Harrison didn’t bring it up during the Bachelor in Paradise interview on Tuesday night. However, the interview was taped several weeks ago, so it’s possible she was still dating Jordan at that time.

According to People magazine, Corinne and DeMario “put on a show for paparazzi outside of Nightingale in West Hollywood on Wednesday night.”

Olympios was spotted kissing DeMario after jumping into his arms. Fortunately, they kept it PG, unlike their romp in Paradise.

Keep in mind, a few pics of Corinne and DeMario hanging all over each other doesn’t mean they are a couple.

Considering Corinne told Hollywood Life she is “seeing someone else,” it’s safe to say her new boyfriend probably isn’t pleased to see her kissing the guy she hooked up with in Paradise.

Unless her new guy is DeMario.

[Featured Image via ABC Television Network]