Is ‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel’s runner-up the next ‘Bachelor’?


The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay hands out her final rose on August 7. Is her runner-up already prepping to become the 2018 Bachelor star?

Rachel Lindsay isn’t hiding the fact that she has a thing for contestants Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus. Although several other guys are still vying for Rachel’s final rose, it’s clear that the doc and the fitness instructor are her frontrunners.

The big question is, will her runner-up be named the next Bachelor or will the gig go to another contestant? Perhaps Eric Bigger, Dean Unglert, or Kenny “King” Lane? Here’s what we know so far about who Rachel picked and who tops the list to become the 2018 Bachelor.

Last month, blogger Reality Steve changed his final rose spoilers. He was 100 percent sure Peter Kraus got engaged to Rachel when the finale was filmed in May. His sources then revealed that Bryan won the final rose and Peter is this season’s runner-up.

Of course, the very thought of Peter getting rejected at the final rose ceremony has us ugly crying weeks before the finale airs. But the thought of the handsome Wisconsin native gracing our screens as the Bachelor?

Heck yeah, we’re on board with that!

Now, there’s a chance Reality Steve is wrong and Peter is engaged to Rachel. That means we could potentially see Bryan aggressively kissing 25+ ladies in January. Not sure how we feel about that. He’s easy on the eyes, but then again — Peter. We’re obsessed. And we won’t apologize.

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As far as Eric, Dean, or Kenny getting picked to be the lead, it seems like a long shot. There are rumors that Dean already found love in Paradise, so count him out for now.

And Reality Steve seems to think Peter is the top pick, so let’s hope his spoilers are right. Bryan gets the final rose, we get to watch Peter on TV again. Winning.

Yes, we do think about Rachel marrying Peter and how cute their gap-toothed children would be. But our Monday nights would be a whole lot better this winter with Peter as the Bachelor.

Who is your pick for the next Bachelor?

NOTE: A new episode of the Bachelorette will not air on July 3. ABC will air episode 7 on July 10 due to the 4th of July holiday.

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