‘Bachelor’ fans brace for Nick and Vanessa’s breakup statement — engagement over?


Bachelor star Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi may be the next Bachelor couple to issue a breakup statement, just six months after they got engaged.

After he was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars in May, Nick Viall and his fiance, Vanessa Grimaldi, were spotted out in L.A. shopping for an apartment. Although Nick has made it clear to multiple media outlets that they are not even close to planning a wedding, a new report indicates that they may be planning to release a breakup statement instead.

The news comes on the heels of Bachelor star Ben Higgins’ breakup with Lauren Bushnell. Their breakup wasn’t a shock to fans. They admitted their struggles during and after their show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After aired on Freeform. However, judging from Nick and Vanessa’s social media posts, all seem to be going well with their relationship. So, why are sources pointing to an imminent breakup?

They looked ‘totally miserable’

Earlier this month, Nick and Vanessa traveled to Mexico to attend Carly and Evan’s wedding. They were joined by at least 10 other Bachelor alum at the event that will air on an upcoming episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The wedding went off without a hitch, but Us Weekly reports that Nick and Vanessa weren’t exactly acting like a newly-engaged couple. While Carly and Evan were gushing over their super-cute love story, Viall and Grimaldi were said to be “totally miserable.”

Apparently, it wasn’t the high temps in Mexico that made them miserable. A source tells Us that they haven’t been getting along for awhile and it showed when they were spotted boarding a flight at a Puerto Vallarta airport after the wedding.

A witness who saw them tells Us Nick and Vanessa “didn’t exchange five words the entire flight. They were angled completely away from each other.”

Us Weekly notes that the couple “may have gotten into an argument” before they boarded the flight and they didn’t resolve their difference during the flight back to L.A.

Once they landed, the same witness noted that “Nick grabbed his bag and ran ahead of Vanessa,” and made the assumption that they “really don’t seem to like each other.”

Together to promote their brands?

Are Nick and Vanessa truly in love or are they in love with the idea of promoting their brands and making money? That’s something only they know — we can’t speculate.

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Nick has spent the past few years on TV as either a contestant or the lead on various Bachelor franchise shows.

Is it possible Nick is doing anything he can to stay in the spotlight? Even if that means staying in a relationship that Us Weekly describes as “volatile”?

“It’s not a solid relationship, and it won’t last,” a source tells Us.

Vanessa left her job in Canada to move in with Nick, leaving a large family behind. Nick recently traveled with her to visit her family. However, she has made the trip alone more than once. Was Nick too busy to go with her?

After Dancing with the Stars ended, Nick launched his men’s grooming product line, The Polished Gent. There’s no word on how well the products are doing. But Nick is no longer front and center in the media, so there could be an element of stress with that.

Split predicted months ago

Before the season finale aired, Reality Steve predicted that Nick and Vanessa would not last. Are we seeing signs of this now or are they just going through the normal issues new couples face? Keep in mind, they met on a reality TV show, so Nick was spot on when he told People he wanted to “take it slow” and “get to know each other.”

Do you think Nick and Vanessa will be the next Bachelor couple to issue a breakup statement?

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