Amanda Stanton gets special perk on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ set


Bachelor in Paradise producers are giving Amanda Stanton a getting special perk while she’s in Mexico trying to find a love connection.

Amanda Stanton didn’t find love with Bachelor Ben Higgins and her engagement to Bachelor in Paradise star Josh Murray didn’t last long. Now the single mom is back in Mexico hoping to find love on the fourth season of BiP. Third time’s a charm, right?

We’re not sure (yet) if Amanda will find a husband-to-be while she’s in Paradise. But while she’s there she’s getting the royal treatment. Or, at the very least, a special perk that other contestants aren’t getting.

Before the Corinne-DeMario disaster happened, filming was supposed to wrap up by June 25. Now that production has resumed, most of the cast will be in Mexico right through the 4th of July holiday. That means Amanda won’t get to spend the holiday with her daughters, Charlie and Kinsley.

Producers break one of the ‘Paradise’ rules

While Amanda is filming Bachelor in Paradise in Sayulita, Mexico, her two daughters are spending time with their dad, and Amanda’s ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio. Normally, Amanda wouldn’t be able to chat with her daughters while on set due to the no-phone rule.

However, Buonfiglio tells Too Fab that Amanda is getting a special privilege while she’s in Mexico. Producers are letting her use her phone to stay in touch with Charlie and Kinsley.

“[It’s] just normal talk with the girls,” Nick states. “She asks them how they are and tells them she can’t wait to see them. They are so excited when they get to see their mom.”

Obviously, she can’t talk about the show while she’s chatting with her girls. But her daughters are both are too young to watch (hopefully). Then again, Nick tells Too Fab that Kinsley tells him she’s “famous because of the Bachelor.”

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Aside from Amanda, the other contestants aren’t allowed to use their phones. But that’s not the only rule they have to follow.

According to a previous report by Accept this Rose, contestants now have a two-drink-per-hour limit and must seek permission from producers before they have sex with another contestant.

Bachelor in Paradise will wrap up filming the upcoming season around July 5.

The premiere is set to air on August 8 barring any further delays.

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