‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Sex with permission, alcohol limits – new rules on ‘Paradise’ set


Bachelor in Paradise is currently filming in Mexico and contestants are under some new rules when it comes to sex and drinking.

Paradise contestants are going to need a note from home to have sex. And alcohol? There’s a two drink limit. Wait. Let’s clarify those rules a bit.

After the Corinne-DeMario situation, ABC is making sure things go smoothly in Paradise. That means hookups are going to need consent and alcohol won’t be free-flowing like it usually is. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty quiet in Paradise on the upcoming season. Here’s the scoop on the new rules.

Lots of food, fewer drinks

According to TMZ, drinks will be limited to two per hour for all contestants. Bartenders and the crew will be watching to make sure no one tries to get around the rule.

Anyone who is a die-hard fan of the



Bachelor in Paradise

, know that contestants rarely eat the food shown during their dates. That’s going to change. Producers are reportedly making sure that the contestants have plenty of food to eat. More food, less drinking. Sounds great as long as the food is good.

Go ahead, have sex. But you’ll need a pass

The “boom, boom room” isn’t going to be as busy this season as it has in the past. That’s the place where contestants do the dirty. Unless you’re Corinne and DeMario. In that case, go right ahead and get naked in the pool.

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Well, that’s not going to happen anymore. And good. We’re sick of bleaching our eyes.

We love drama but the semi-XXX stuff…eh. That’s what pay-per-view is for. Or so we’ve heard.

TMZ states that before two contestants can do the deed, they have to “go to a producer and state that they consent.” And get this — if they don’t get permission, producers can interrupt them. Yikes.

Apparently, the cast had to sit through a lengthy meeting when they arrived in Mexico last weekend. The two-hour get-together included the low-down on the new drinking and sex rules. Such fun.

[Image by ABC Television Network]