‘The Bachelorette’: Who goes home tonight — Lee or Kenny?


The Bachelorette two-on-one date has fans riled up. Will Rachel finally send Lee home or will Kenny leave broken-hearted?

The two-on-one date always creates drama. But this season, Rachel’s date with Lee and Kenny may go down as the most talked about drama-fest in Bachelorette history.

Tonight, the big question that’s on the minds of everyone in Bachelor Nation is this — when will Lee Garrett go back to Nashville and get off our TV screens? Rachel will make her decision during Tuesday night’s episode. Can’t wait? We have the spoilers below, but don’t miss a minute of the Kenny vs Lee showdown.

Producers are abusing the “to be continued” thing this season. Seriously, we wanted to see Lee hit the road last night. Actually, we wanted him to leave the minute we found out about his nasty, racists tweets.

But that’s in the past and we’re now looking for a little payback. Harmless, stuff of course. As in — kick Lee off and send him back to Nashville via El Cheapo Airlines. A coach seat in the back of the plane, seated between two guys who are about 6’8, 260 sounds about right. No peanuts, either. Just a long flight home with no one to mouth off to.

Okay, back to tonight’s show. When will the snake go home?

The two-on-one date will end and anyone who is not a fan of Lee will rejoice. He’s going home, folks. Or at least that’s what Reality Steve promises. Honestly, we don’t care if Steve gets the final rose spoilers wrong. We just want him to get it right when it comes to Lee’s departure.

What about Kenny?

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We all know that Kenny isn’t going to marry Rachel. Not a chance. But he’s a sweet guy and we give him props because he sounds like he’s a great dad. But there’s no final rose in his future.

Rachel kept him around after the two-on-one. But that’s just prolonging the inevitable.

Spoilers point to Rachel sending Kenny home in Denmark.

Don’t cry, Kenny. Everyone’s coming to Vegas to watch you fight. Maybe Mrs. Right will be ringside.

For now, let’s pour the wine and get ready for Lee’s departure. Because it’s long overdue.

The Bachelorette Episode 6 begins at 8 p.m. ET on ABC

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