‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers episode 6: Who goes home in Denmark Tuesday night?


Who does The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay send home on Tuesday night? It’s the end of the road for two guys in Norway.

The Bachelorette returns on Tuesday night with the continuation of the Lee vs. Kenny drama. After the 2-on-1 date elimination, it’s time for yet another rose ceremony before the remaining guys travel from Norway to Denmark.

Keep in mind, producers may leave us with another “to be continued” at the end of Tuesday night’s episode. but we have the scoop about all of the Episode 6 dates and eliminations below.

Episode 5 continued into Episode 6, so we had to get through a few more minutes watching Lee act like an idiot on the 2-on-1. Lee goes home (finally). Kenny gets to Face Time his daughter, and Bachelor Nation explodes with heart emojis. Anthony and Josiah are eliminated during the rose ceremony.

Off to Denmark

Alex, Will, Kenny, Dean, Bryan, Peter, Eric, Matt, and Adam all make it to Denmark. Who is Matt? No one seems to know. How did he make it this far? Where’s he been hiding out?

All questions to ponder while we think about Peter. Okay? We love Peter.

There are two one-on-one dates and a group date on Episode 6. Eric Bigger scores the first date. There’s a rose waiting for Eric — he finally loosens up and shows his fun side. He’s not going home anytime soon.

Will gets the second one-on-one date. He’s drama-free and really handsome. That doesn’t seem to be enough for Rachel. She sends will home from Denmark, but there’s not doubt he will have a line of ladies waiting for him back in the U.S.

The rest of the guys (Alex, Kenny, Dean, Bryan, Peter, Matt, and Adam) get stuck on a group date.

And we’re still wondering who Matt is. Here’s a pic to help you remember.

matt bachelorette
This is Matt. Matt is on the Bachelorette. Who knew? /

Another rose ceremony — then off to Switzerland

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Rachel and her remaining guys will jet off to Switzerland next week. But first, there’s another rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve, Rachel will send Alex home. He’s not clear who the other guy is that will get the boot, but we’re assuming it’s Kenny.

Let’s take a wild guess and assume  Peter, Eric, Dean, Matt, Adam, and Bryan make it to Switzerland on Episode 7 (July 3).

Heads up — ABC may skip a week due to the 4th of July holiday, so we’ll update this once we know if we have to wait TWO LONG WEEKS for the next episode.

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