‘The Bachelorette’ contestant Bryan Abasolo: Final rose or nah?

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo
Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo /

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay gave Bryan Abasolo the first impression rose and the first kiss. Will he charm his way to the final rose ceremony?

The 37-year-old chiropractor describes himself as “laid back” in his ABC bio, but he was fairly aggressive when it came to pursuing Rachel Lindsay on the Bachelorette season premiere.

Bryan lives in Miami, Florida where he works as a chiropractor. He’s the oldest contestant on the show this season but Rachel is 31, so it’s not a big deal. Unlike Nick’s season — he was 12 years old than some of his contestants (ahem…Corinne). Okay, back to Dr. Bryan.

On night one, Bryan told Rachel he’s good with his hands. She seemed rather smitten with the handsome doc, despite his corny comment. And the kissing was apparently great, too, although many Bachelorette fans weren’t on board with his slobbering.

Hey, as long as Rachel doesn’t mind the all-consuming Dr. Bryan kiss, we’re cool.

Will Bryan make it to the final rose ceremony?

Spoiler alert!

Rachel gave Bryan the first impression rose but he won’t get his first one-on-one date until Week 5. He continues on to the hometown dates later in the season and moves on the Fantasy Suite dates — all a great sign for the doc.

For weeks, we’ve been under the impression that Peter Kraus, who got to jet off to Palm Springs with Rachel and her dog on Week 2, won Rachel’s final rose. But that’s not the case.

Not sure you want to know who Rachel is engaged to? Then you can wait until the final rose ceremony airs on August 7. But, if you can’t another minute to find out how far Bryan made it this season, click the “next” link below for the details.

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Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to Peter Kraus getting the final rose. It’s unclear who the runner-up is, but Steve seems to think Eric Bigger will get ditched after the overnight dates.

That means Bryan will get his heart broken at the final rose ceremony. Well, he’ll get over the heartbreak really fast if he becomes the next Bachelor. Just sayin’.

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