‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay’s final pick: Reality Steve’s spoilers wrong?

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Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers have been wrong before. Are fans in for a final rose ceremony shake-up when the season finale airs in August?

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay isn’t hiding the fact that she got engaged when the final rose ceremony was filmed on May 11. Fans were a little taken aback that she spoiled the show, but she didn’t reveal who she picked. Instead, blogger Reality Steve leaked out the details about the guy she picked. Or the guy he thinks she picked.

Are Steve’s spoilers wrong? Did producers pull as fast one and leak out information about Rachel’s final pick that will prove to be totally bogus? Let’s discuss…

After the first episode aired, Rachel made the media rounds including an appearance Jimmy Kimmel Live. Rachel was put on the spot when Jimmy predicted that her final two guys are Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus. He went on to say that she is engaged to Peter.

Now, keep in mind, we think Jimmy reads Reality Steve‘s blog. His picks are normally in line with Steve’s spoilers, except for Ben’s season.

Sometimes, Steve is wrong.

Steve started spoiling the show in 2009 when he leaked information about Jason Mesnick split with Melissa Rycroft. Since then, he has been wrong about the final rose ceremony five times, releasing incorrect final rose spoilers for Desiree, Ali, and Kaitlyn’s seasons of the Bachelorette and both of Brad Womack’s seasons of the Bachelor.

Here’s why we are questioning Steve’s spoilers

Rachel’s season just got underway. It’s hard to figure out so early-on who the frontrunners are. Especially if you don’t read spoilers. For all we know, the crazy Whaboom guy could win the final rose. We just hope that never, ever happens.

However, there are already some Bachelor mansion vibes we’re getting about who Rachel has on her “must-have” list. And after the first round of dates on Week 2, we should have a better idea what her chemistry is like with some of her guys.

The problem is this. Steve has yet to release his episode-by-episode spoilers. He has not confirmed who the runner-up is. He usually has this information ready days, if not weeks, before the premiere.

Steve says he is confident that Peter is engaged to Rachel. He has hinted that Bryan might be the runner-up, but he doesn’t need to be sure. So, that means Eric Bigger is the #3 guy this season. And that’s if the spoilers are correct.

Perhaps we’re overthinking things.

After all, it’s hard to picture Rachel spending her life with Bryan for one reason – he almost ate Rachel’s face when he went in for a kiss on night one. Sure, he looks charming, but that kiss? Questionable. 

For the next two months, we’ll all wonder if Steve’s spoilers are wrong. But after watching the clip below from Rachel’s first one-on-one date with Peter Kraus, we’re going to come out and say this: We’re wrong for doubting Steve.

Seriously, listen to what Peter says when Rachel says she’s bringing a guy-friend on their first date. Before he finds out it’s Rachel’s dog, Copper, he tells her he’s totally okay with her bringing someone else. What a guy!

We ship them — they both have a cute gap in their teeth and he’s just so sweet.

Okay, Steve. We won’t doubt you unless Peter’s personality changes half-way through the season. Can’t wait to see the Copper show up at the final rose ceremony.

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