Lauren Bushnell has already moved on after breakup with ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins

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Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins announced their breakup this week and it didn’t take Lauren long to move on from the Bachelor star.

Heartbroken over Ben and Lauren’s breakup? Don’t be. Although the Bachelor stars announced their split earlier this week, their relationship has been over for quite some time. And while we haven’t heard much from Ben, it’s clear that Lauren has moved on and she’s happy.

The former flight attendant is already back in Southern California, the place she called home before she got engaged to Ben on The Bachelor.  And no, she’s not curled up in a ball crying over her breakup. Instead, she’s enjoying life in L.A.,  doing some modeling, and has been thinking about starting her own clothing line. It sure sounds like she’s moved on from Ben — and she’s not looking back.

Lauren is happy to be back in California

In a post-breakup interview, Lauren tells People that she is happy to be back in Cali where she is surrounded by her siblings and friends. Ben’s ex says she’s “definitely a SoCal girl at heart” and “loves the energy that Los Angeles has to offer.”

Apparently, the energy in Colorado wasn’t quite as invigorating. Perhaps Denver didn’t have as many connections for Lauren as far as modeling goes. That’s right. Lauren Bushnell is now a model. a brand-new venture for the flight attendant-turned-blogger.

Although she recently tweeted that she’s “not pursuing a career in modeling,” she tells People that she would like to get even better at it.

So, wait. Lauren wants to become a better model but she doesn’t want to make it her career? Got it. 

“I would love to get even better [at modeling] with some real training to continue doing fun look book shoots like this one,” Lauren tells People. “It’s hard to call it work when you’re getting to dress up in cute clothes, get your hair and makeup done and get to go to fun locations with a group of inspiring women who are involved in the shoot.”

Moving on

Is it too soon after her breakup to be so happy about reclaiming her life in SoCal and moving on to a new career? Probably not.

Although Ben and Lauren just issued their breakup statement earlier this week, there’s speculation that their relationship has been over for quite some time.

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Ben made it clear during their reality TV show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, that he wasn’t ready to get married.

When they finally started talking about a wedding, they carefully avoided the “did you pick a date yet” question from fans.

Lauren traveled often, as evidenced by her Instagram account. Most pics show that she traveled without Ben.

Every so often, they would post a photo showing them together. However, savvy fans would often point out that the pics were not recent.

Perhaps they were just trying to keep the breakup rumors under wraps until the Disney special they hosted aired on TV.

Just days before they announced their breakup, Ben and Lauren hosted the Disney Fairytale Weddings special on Freeform. The show gave some fans hope that the couple would soon get married. What fans didn’t know was that the Bachelor star and his now-ex filmed the show months ago.

Did you expect Ben and Lauren to break up? And are you surprised that Lauren seems to be so happy settling back into single life?

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