The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 3: Power rankings

THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Mu–oz)
THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Mu–oz) /

Welcome to the third week of The Bachelor Season 27! So far, it’s pretty clear to see that Mr. Zach Shallcross knows exactly what he wants. However, I am starting to question some of his decision-making and it hasn’t even been a full month’s worth of the show yet! Oh well…it’s his season for a reason, and soon enough those reasons and decisions will become just a bit clearer to the rest of us watching from home!

Here, we will go over the top five ladies of the night, from worst to best, and why they landed where they did on this week’s power ranking!

Who made it on our top five power rankings from The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 3?

From worst to best, the top five women of night three are in this week’s power rankings from The Bachelor Season 27.

Brianna Thorbourne
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

5. Brianna

Here’s why I think that Brianna deserves the #5 spot from week 3:

  • love how she was one of the only ones who actually stood up to the bully (Christina)

While I’m personally not the biggest Brianna fan and am glad that she’s gone and taking all of that whining and complaining out and along with her, I do feel like she wasn’t given the fairest chances.

Just because she was America’s First Impression Rose, doesn’t mean that the same will translate for her and Zach’s relationship, which it ended up never doing anyways. She stood up to a bully and that’s mainly why she even made this list at all. Other than that, she no longer deserves a spot(s) on this list otherwise.

Bailey Brown
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

4. Bailey

Here’s why I think that Bailey deserves the #4 spot from week 3:

  • I felt super bad for her on the group date (football-themed Bach Bowl)
  • It must’ve been super awkward to semi-pour her heart out to Zach only to get a meh sort of ‘rejection’

I genuinely loved her and wanted her to do well. I had super higher hopes for her than I did for any of the other women between her and Zach’s relationship. I mean come on…Zach practically threw himself at her the mere second that she walked out of the limo on opening premiere night.

Anyways, while it’s super unfortunate how Bailey’s exit went, I’m sure that she’ll find someone out there. Just like Zach will be trying to do the rest of the season…

But let’s be honest with ourselves over here…Bailey and Zach not only sound super cute together, but they also would’ve looked super cute together as well). Thoughts? Let me know!

Charity Lawson
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

3. Charity

Here’s why I think that Charity deserves the #3 spot from week 3:

  • She was not only on the winning team of the football-themed group date, but she also got the only group date rose at the end of the night
  • She held her own pretty well when Christina bullied her into feeling inferior in that same exact moment

Personally, I am very indifferent about Charity. Christina stole her moment away from her and made her cry. I felt super bad for her. Zach seems to really like Charity, so it’ll be super interesting to see where their relationship goes and how far along in the show she gets. What are y’alls thoughts on Charity? Let’s chat down below!

Aly Jacobs
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2. Aly

Here’s why I think that Aly deserves the #2 spot from week 3:

  • She got the second one-on-one date of the episode
  • Her particular one-on-one date involved a wedding dress/jumpsuit and she referred to all of the other women as her bridesmaids…is Zach trying to hint at something with him seeing some definite potential in their future(s) together?

She’s got some great potential in my opinion. She also looks even better in no makeup and just glasses, which doesn’t really remain true for many of the other women in the house. She seems super sweet.

She also made me giggle pretty hard when she got jump-scared not once, but twice when the doorbell rang. And then eventually during Zach’s present to her for their one-on-one.

Kaitlyn Biggar
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

1. Kaity

Here’s why I think that Kaity deserves the #1 spot from week 3:

  • She got the first one-on-one date of the episode
  • Her one-on-one date involved staying overnight at a museum

She ended up getting the rose on her one-on-one date, which I was super happy to hear about! She probably made all of the other women hate her because of that date. But unlike Miss Mandrell, she never once threw it in any of the other woman’s faces. She kept to herself and decided not to spill any of the details, and rightfully so, am I right?! Ladies, would you have spilled? Let’s chat!

Favorite moment of the week: Christina going home–zero tolerance policy for bullies/bullying!!

Least favorite Moment of the Week: Christina not getting sent home right away. I think the first time that her erratic and drunk behavior was brought up, she should’ve been scolded and talked. They could’ve totally avoided this whole Charity situation in its entirety!

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That’s a wrap on this week’s Power Ranking list from Week 3! What were YOUR thoughts?

What do you make of this list? What did you think of Week 3? Be sure to tune in Monday nights on ABC at 8 PM EST for new episodes of The Bachelor Season 27! Let us know your thoughts on everything Season 27-related and even more beyond so down in the comments below!