The Bachelor Season 27: Premiere night power ranking

THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Mu–oz)
THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Mu–oz) /

Welcome to the premiere night power rankings of The Bachelor Season 27 premiere! This season, Zach Shallcross is the leading man ready to take on dating 30 beautiful women all at once! Premiere nights are usually chock full of different ladies giving us their life stories in front of the camera, goofy limo entrances, and even some tears and heartache.

Here, we will go over the top five ladies of the night, from worst to best, and why they landed where they did on this week’s Power Ranking!

Who made it on our top five from The Bachelor Season 27 premiere?

From worst to best, the top five women of premiere night are in this week’s power rankings from The Bachelor Season 27.

Brianna Thorbourne

5. Brianna

Here’s why I think that Brianna deserves the #5 Power Ranking spot from premiere night:

  • She’s got that tiny little edge and leg up on all of the other women in the mansion after getting America’s First Impression Rose during After the Final Rose’s live show last year.

I’m not 100% sure if Zach would’ve kept her around had she not gotten that slight advantage. However, I think she’s got somewhat of a chance, although I’m not her biggest fan of her. Brianna seems like she could start some trouble and use her ‘advantage’ against all the other girls. It’ll be interesting to see how her journey pans out this season.


4. Kaity

Here’s why I think that Kaity deserves the #4 Power Ranking spot from premiere night:

  • She is super weird and quirky in the best way possible (I think this will take her far)
  • While I’m not 100% sure about her yet, in my personal opinion, I do think that she has the potential to go far on this journey with Zach; I like her, but I don’t love her just yet.

Kaity is super sarcastic (refer to the trash can in her introduction video package). I love her personality already, but it will be super interesting to see how the other women in the house take her joking and quirky personality (I can see some other women loving it and some hating on the other side of things). I do hope that she does well, though!

Bailey Brown

3. Bailey

Here’s why I think that Bailey deserves the #3 Power Ranking spot from Premiere Night:

  • She had a super cute limo entrance incorporating her time meeting Zach on ATFR
  • I think that she’s got the best hair and eyes out of all of the women this season
  • She had the first kiss before entering the mansion (and Zach initiated it – bonus!)
  • On Night #1, she was super quiet…could that be good for her future with Zach?

First of all, Bailey is just absolutely adorable. I think she might not make it far with Zach because of her laid-back and super-kind personality, but she has the potential to either come back during another season or even end up in Paradise. I can also see her finding love outside of the franchise as well. I’m not too sure of Bailey’s future on the show, but I do wish her all the best on her journey, no matter what that means for her!

Genevie Mayo

2. Genevie

Here’s why I think that Genevie deserves the #2 Power Ranking spot from Premiere Night:

  • I thought that it was such a power move that she tested Zach’s ‘dadbilities’ on the first night

Genevie just proved to me, and the rest of America as well, that she’s super ready to become a mom and potentially become a parent with Zach. She tested his ability to change a baby’s dirty diaper, and in all honesty, I’d say that he did pretty well! I’m not sure if I can see a future where Genevie and Zach are a happy couple, but I think her Limo Entrance baby pink dress was super pretty, and she does seem really sweet!


1. Greer

Here’s why I think that Greer deserves the #1 Power Ranking spot from Premiere Night:

  • She received Zach’s First Impression rose
  • She’s got this super goofy personality (not in the best way to me, though)

I don’t like Greer. Like at all. I truly and honestly believe that she will be in trouble this season at one point or another. Now that we’ve gotten to know her just a tad bit more, thanks to her introduction video package, as well as her official ABC cast bio, I think that we’ve got all of the ammo and info that we need to know that she will stir the pot this year and piss off a lot of other girls off, including myself. But what about Zach? Any thoughts on that aspect of it all?

Top Limo Entrance from Premiere Night: Bailey – super funny, and absolutely love how she incorporated ATFR into her time re-meeting Zach

Worst Limo Entrance from Premiere Night: Gabi – I kind of, key word being kind of like her, but I cringed & hated at her entrance; poor Zach and his disgusted-looking face too

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That’s a wrap on this week’s Power Ranking list from Premiere Night! What were YOUR thoughts?

What do you make of this list? What did you think of the premiere episode tonight? Be sure to tune in Monday nights on ABC at 7 PM CST for new episodes of The Bachelor Season 27! Let us know your thoughts on everything Season 27-related and even more beyond so down in the comments below!