Is Victoria from The Bachelor an actress?

On this season of The Bachelor, there’s already been a lot of talk about contestant Victoria Larson. Namely, her antics. So far, the 28-year-old “retired jet setter” and beauty brand entrepreneur isn’t being depicted in the most flattering light on the show. However, many believe that it’s mostly by her own doing, and perhaps even on purpose.

In case you’ve missed it, outlandish and outspoken Victoria proudly wears a crown, unapologetically calls herself a “queen,” and picks petty fights with other contestants seemingly out of nowhere.

The question is: Is she doing these things solely because it makes for entertaining television? Or is she actually serious? Those watching closely are already labeling Victoria the villain of season 25, whether she means to be or not.

Is Victoria a producer plant on The Bachelor?

The reality is, Vikki’s been making her villain role look easy. Some say a little too easy. According to Cosmopolitan, people are starting to think she’s faking the villain act, among other things. But let’s not hand out her Oscar just yet. Some sources claim “Queen Victoria” is definitely an “authentic contestant,” no matter how hard that may be to believe.

As noted by Cosmopolitan, ABC executive Robert Mills revealed to Nick Viall while on The Viall Files that “her whole thing” is definitely not an act nor is she a “plant” by production. Mills explained:

I think that the question is…why is she that way? There’s always a story for how somebody became that way.… I don’t know that you’ll learn more now on The Bachelor, but I’m very curious about it, so maybe it’s something we’ll have Chris ask about or on Paradise.

So, Mills claims that Larson is someone we’re still getting to know and without directly saying she’s not an actress, he implied she’s definitely real. Even still, that may not be enough to convince the masses or even some of the show’s seasoned veterans. Former Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconetti said that even she was suspicious of Victoria’s realness.

Of Larson’s authenticity, Ashley said (per Cosmopolitan):

You guys…What. Is. Going. On? Is Victoria a hired actress? Seriously! I’m actually wondering about this. Because for someone who waltzed in calling herself a queen, I thought she’d have a sense of humor about herself, but nope, she has zippo! (For the record, during my involvement with the show and based on everything else I know, there has NEVER been such a thing as a hired plant.

For Matt James‘ sake, let’s hope she’s there for the right reasons, even if she’s putting on one heck of a show sometimes as well. Chances are, the truth of who Victoria Larson really is will likely come out one way or another as she continues her journey on The Bachelor season 25. So stay tuned!