The Bachelor’s Victoria Larson age, Instagram, job, and more: Everything to know about the season 25 contestant

With The Bachelor season 25 finally underway, we’re getting to know the contestants a little better with each passing week.

Before we go any further on Matt James‘ journey, let’s take a second to learn a little more about the lucky ladies vying for his heart. What better place to start than with a self-proclaimed “Queen” who’s been unapologetically wearing a crown on the daily? Not to mention, she’s already the decided villain of this season in the eyes of many. And this is only the second week.

Here’s everything to know about The Bachelor contestant Victoria Larson.

Victoria Larson age

Born January 7, 1993, Victoria is 28 years old.

Victoria Larson Instagram

Currently, Victoria has 16,100 followers and counting. In her bio, she says she likes to go by “Vikki” and not so surprisingly identifies as a “queen.” Victoria also writes “Haters go skeedadle” to all whom it may concern. You can see her full Instagram account here.

Victoria Larson job

In her Instagram bio, Victoria also mentions the business she now owns called “Jetset Glo.” Her business Instagram bio reads, “Certified spray tanning, health coaching, pilates and all things beauty for mind body and soul.” Check out her full business account here.

On Bachelor Nation Fandom, Vikki’s occupation is listed as “Queen.” It’s also noted that prior to her business ventures, the boisterous contestant was living a “jet setting lifestyle.” But inevitably, Victoria decided to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors for one reason or another.

Flash forward to today, and she’s launched “a few businesses in the health and beauty space,” including Victoria Larson Beauty. From the looks of it, this may be the Queen’s first real job since outgrowing her jet-setting ways.