The Bachelor Season 25, Week 2: 3 most cringe-worthy moments

We’re breaking down all the cringe-worthy moments of this week’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25. And trust us when we say, Matt James’ second week provided plenty of opportunities for us to discuss!

Chris welcomes everyone to this week’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25 by announcing three total dates–one group date and two one-on-one dates. Unfortunately, he came bearing bad news, letting the ladies know that not everyone is going to get a date this week. He leaves the first date card and it is announced that the first one-on-one date goes to Bri Springs, as she panics and declares “I wore my worst outfit today!”

While Bri and Matt James explore the resort in the ATVs, the remaining women get to talking.  Queen V, aka Victoria Larson, explains that SHE wants to be on that date. Marylynn Sienna chimes in that she understands because all contestants are jealous. Victoria explains she’s not jealous she just wants what Bri has. So, basically the definition of jealousy.

Matt and Bri complete their very dangerous date on ATVs and finish with a portable hot tub in the woods.  It was most likely portable because production blew the episode budget on the Peloton product placement at the top of the episode along with any insurance riders they needed for the ATV stunt.

Back at the house or hotel room, rather, another date card is delivered. 18 names are announced to join Matt including Victoria who would have rather waited for a one-on-one date. The women are interrupted by a fireworks show and conclude that Bri and Matt are making out under it and that she will get one of the coveted roses.  Victoria keeps stating how authentic and real she is.  Is she confident? Or just delusional?


The 18 women show up for the group date with matching transparent umbrellas. They are greeted by Matt in the typical group date receiving line fashion. The famous Franco the Photographer (Franco Lacosta) also welcomes them and indicates he’s going to do a photoshoot to help Matt visualize what life would be like with each of these women–in wedding dresses, of course.

This was cringe-worthy for a few reasons. It is always awkward to watch non-married people in wedding attire, as we’ve seen happen many times before The Bachelor Season 25. But the fiscal irresponsibility of 18 wedding dresses (that we later learn are going to get trashed) was jarring. I can only hope that these were either used wedding gowns or samples and that production was not truly being this wasteful.

The photoshoot begins and of course, Queen V interrupts while Mari Pepin is posing with Matt.  She even added a garter belt to show all the cameras and asked Matt to remove it. She goes in for what she determined as a very passionate kiss.

In the spirit of continued interruptions, Chris Harrison comes back to explain the plot twist to the date. Half the women do not get their photoshoot with Matt and learn they need to “fight” for time with Matt. Teams are determined and a version of “Capture the Flag” ensues. The team that captures the other team’s stuffed heart, is the winner. There is paint, flowers, and cake and the contestants have no choice but to “say yes to the mess” in pursuit of the other team’s heart.  The Battle at Nemacolin is on!

Rachael’s team loses and she cries as she really thought her “Capture the Heart” skills were better than any other competitor and would allow her to attend the after-party.  Matt and Victoria get some one-on-one time at the after-party and the whole conversation was pretty cringe-worthy. She can’t stop saying “like” or touching and tossing her hair. She leaves the conversation with a kiss and more confidence, somehow. Matt ultimately gives the group date rose to Lauren–and the Queen is left shocked!


The last one-on-one date is for Sarah and Matt to get to know each other in a biplane. They have a great date and great chemistry and there is nothing to cringe about during their date. Plus, he gives her a rose! Matt even tweeted during the episode to let fans know how they can donate to the ALS foundation after Sarah informs Matt of her dad’s ailing health.

The second cocktail party/rose ceremony is set to begin even with some girls not having had any time with Matt this week.  I feel like my DVR could have possibly missed a segment where there was a challenge that required Queen V to wear this ridiculous garb she was wearing. That challenge clearly took place at a Discovery clothing store. Please let me know in the comments below if you have information on this segment that I missed! We know her personality clashes with everything and apparently, her wardrobe is right behind it.

There are many one-on-one conversations during the evening and one was with Marylynn who did not get to participate in any of the dates. Matt scored some points by telling her that even though she wasn’t on a date that didn’t mean he wasn’t thinking of her. He hands her an orchid, not a rose because he remembered she likes orchids. Although sweet, you can’t help but cringe a bit that it wasn’t a rose. It had a little bit of Charlie Brown’s vibe at Halloween, “I got an orchid”.

The Bachelor season 25


The cringing isn’t over because Victoria is still talking at this point in the episode. She is talking about how she is an empath and that she thinks Marylynn is toxic and needs to go home. Empaths all over the globe raise an eyebrow at this.

Victoria explains to Matt how manipulative and toxic Marylynn is being and how much he needs to know about this. Matt ultimately pulls Marylynn aside and addresses this situation. It was very uncomfortable. The other contestants do not feel that Marylynn could have had anything to do with starting drama.

Marylynn states that she realizes it’s her word against the Queen’s but that she does not put herself into drama and that she is being completely honest that anything that had happened would have been merely a misunderstanding. The two feuding girls have a conversation in private.  Marylynn apologizes for hurting Victoria’s feelings and that it wasn’t intended as such. Victoria states that they just aren’t gonna get along–just like oil and vinegar, right?

The clink of Chris’ glass alerts us that it is time for Matt to pass out roses. Or is it time for someone to just pass out? Matt does give out a few roses and then chaos ensues as Sarah seems to have a medical emergency. A very dramatic ending since we all just learned about her dad’s poor health, not to mention, we are all in a global pandemic.

The medics arrive and we are left with our first cliffhanger of the season–but plenty of cringeworthy moments to talk about including the oil and vinegar comment, production’s insistence on throwing out perfectly good clothing, and Victoria’s dress.

Don’t worry–there’s plenty more cringe to look forward to when it comes to The Bachelor Season 25!

Did I miss something that made you cringe in this episode of The Bachelor Season 25?  Let us know in the comments below!