Let’s speed date the Bachelorette suitors: Can I Steal You for a Second? is back

FanSided’s Bachelor podcast Can I Steal You for a Second? is back to unpack a very rumor-filled summer in a Bachelor Nation and preview Clare’s Bachelorette preview.

Insert Titanic “it’s been 84 years” meme. That’s how long it’s felt since we had a Bachelor show on our screens. Yes, we know that Greatest Seasons Ever clip show or whatever which aired after the BIP-meets-The Voice spinoff, but did anyone really watch those? (Okay we did — Listen to Your Heart, at least. Unabashed fans over here.)

In any case, nothing compares the OG Bachelor/Bachelorette shows and season 16 Bachelorette Clare Crawley’s season has been drama-filled from the start, with reports of recasts based on age, the questioned intentions of one future Bachelor Matt James and then, most shockingly, that Clare left the show after just two weeks only to be replaced by Tayshia.

A lot allegedly has gone down at that LaQuinta compound so we’ve gathered the Can I Steal You for a Second? crew back together, with the new addition of FanSided Entertainment managing editor Natalie Zamora, to unpack all that and provide some totally off-the-cuff impressions about Clare’s (or is it Tayshia’s?) would-be suitors.

Listen to an all-new Bachelor podcast episode of Can I Steal You for a Second?

From Duds to Dale: Introducing Clare’s Suitors (Bachelorette Preview Episode)

Ashley and Shea are joined by new co-host Natalie Zamora to break down Bachelor Nation’s rumor-filled summer and the Bachelorette season 16 suitors.

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