The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 3 Juan Pablo Galavis moments we did not see

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Juan Pablo Galavis


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisited Season 18 of The Bachelor this week, but left out these 3 moments from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season!

Ah, Juan Pablo Galavis. The single dad, soccer midfielder who stole (and lost) the hearts of America. During his time on Desiree Hartsock’s season, Juan Pablo stole the show despite having very limited airtime. Who can forget his turn as a  Spanish-speaking cowboy on one of the group dates?  As Chris Harrison said on “The Men Tell All” that season, never before has someone gotten so much attention with such little airtime. Juan Pablo’s cheerful demeanor, sexy accent, and unique backstory soon earned him a spot as the lead of Season 18 of The Bachelor.

Juan Pablo Galavis’ season was perhaps one of the most unique of all time. He was the only single dad to ever helm a season, as well as the only non-native English speaker. He was also the only lead to be criticized more than the contestants! Every season has a villain, but season 18 was the only time production turned against a lead halfway through the season, thus turning the lead himself into the villain.

We saw some dramatic moments from season 18 of The Bachelor this week–Juan Pablo and Clare’s connection, Andi’s infamous exit, and the unforgettable “After the Final Rose” appearance by Juan and Nikki. However, there were a few key moments we did not see!

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