Should Hannah Ann Sluss go on Bachelor in Paradise?


Are you Team Hannah Ann should go on Bachelor in Paradise?

Bachelor in Paradise is unlikely to take place this year, although no official announcement has been made from ABC as of yet. But given the way things have been going, it won’t be shocking if this is the decision they go with.

But while we may potentially not be getting another season, it doesn’t stop Bachelor Nation from wondering who could be or who could have been on the next season. Ever since Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor came to an end, all eyes have been on Hannah Ann Sluss.

To be honest, she’s become someone I’ve come to adore in the days since the season came to an end. She’s been having no qualms about sharing her horrible experience with Weber. I mean, the girl totally got screwed over by his indecisiveness and inability to be honest about his feelings and the situation.

But in any case, Hannah Ann was recently on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Podcast One podcast, Off The Vine, and had a lot to say about Pilot Pete. But let’s forget about the leading man for one second, I think what was of particular interest is her response to whether or not she would be on Bachelor in Paradise.

Before I get into her response, I’d just like to say that I would not like it if Hannah Ann went on Paradise. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like she doesn’t fit in with the nature of that particular show. I think this whole experience with Peter Weber has put her into a subgroup of Bachelor Nation alums that just don’t belong there. I know she’s only been a contestant but it feels like her being on Bachelor in Paradise would be like if a past Bachelorette or Bachelor went on it.

It just doesn’t feel right. But hey, that’s just me.

Anyway, Hannah Ann’s response to potentially being on it?

"I’m just really happy with my life right now and where I’m at and I really just want to focus on me, and my friends, and my job right now. I don’t know. I would never say never to Paradise, but at the same time I really like my rhythm, like, what I’m doing right now."

Exactly, I’m digging her rhythm and flow right now too! You do you girl and probably stay away from Bachelor in Paradise for now. It just feels like the perfect way to mess up the vibe she’s got going on. But hey, you never know what the future holds.

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