The Bachelor season 24, episode 5 spoiled recap: Scarface Pete

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If last night’s episode of The Bachelor was too much for you, the producers hear you, and they respect your opinions. As such, we’ll be seeing another episode tomorrow!

**WARNING: The Bachelor seasons SPOILERS ahead.

The following recap contains references to The Bachelor SEASON 24 SPOILERS. Articles on the site are unspoiled unless indicated. STOP READING If you do not read Reality Steve and want to avoid season spoilers.**

We pick up back at the cocktail party where the women are discussing Alayah…AGAIN. The cinematography was killer: a bunch of girls, sitting in a room, talking s**t about their ~future husband~, while said husband puts himself in timeout staring at a wall.

Lexi says Alayah isn’t here for Peter, she’s here for the rose and to be on TV. To be fair, please raise your hand if you aren’t? Natasha says it’s f***ed up that he gave her the rose but now she made her bed and needs to Alayah in it. Brilliant. Chef’s kiss.

Peter comes in to get Alayah and the women are absolutely over it. It’s great that Sydney caught up to the general public and is agreeable that Peter, indeed, is obviously into Alayah. We, too, are into Alayah in this jumpsuit. Why are they already sad? Did we accidentally turn on The Notebook? We’d like to return the package.

Peter says that he has always felt a strong connection with her. One would hope so after the stunt he pulled with the group date rose last week. In a somewhat patronizing manner, he tells her that with everything that has happened, it’s probably “best” that they end their journey. He says he doesn’t want to “put her through this,” aka he doesn’t want to deal with the women hating him. Nothing worse than a guy telling you they’re dumping you for *your* benefit.

Peter: *creates a mess by allowing Alayah back on to The Bachelor*

Peter: *While amidst said mess, decides he can’t handle the truth and lets Alayah go*

Peter: It’s been real. Best, Peter.

Peter and Alayah walk out hand in hand and several girls call it disrespectful. He tells Alayah he “followed” his heart, but proceeds to describe that he followed his head. He looks really upset sending Alayah home and it’s clear he’s only doing it because the other women were upset with him, and he felt it was the “right thing to do.” What was the point of this? We’d like this hour of television back.

Peter doesn’t like when people are mad at him. Much like Hannah’s biggest flaw was having too much grace for people, Peter’s is wanting to be well-liked. He can’t handle conflict because he doesn’t know how to deal with people being upset with him. He worries the girls have lost trust in him. Let’s see if (when) this comes back to bite him.

The girls note that he is circling outside and it seems like it was very hard for him. Imagine how absolutely bored out of their minds these women must be. It’s a known gripe that the women are often waiting around for hours on end during group dates and cocktail parties during The Bachelor. And now they’re waiting on Peter to finish his midnight circular stroll.

Peter, suddenly: “She was not the one for me.” Did you have this epiphany within the last 20 minutes? Otherwise, it’s inexcusable that he let her back on for literally everyone involved. When Peter finally makes his re-entry, he makes a speech that he is definitely not wishy-washy. He pulls Natasha aside and says he’s surprised she hasn’t left, and she retorts it crossed many minds. He apologizes for creating a toxic environment in the house.

We do appreciate that he takes the time to apologize individually to all the women. That said, you already took them to Cleveland. The ladies have had enough, Peter. Self-awareness is only as good as one’s use of this knowledge. Saying you know that you suck and keep messing up is only cute the first time. No one is having it.

Hannah Ann and Peter take a picture with a digital camera–very 2008 of them. Peter pulls an Arie with an “I love that!” Lexi, smartly, brings back the red convertible.

Chris comes in to hurry up this whole shebang and pretend to be moderately interested in Peter’s sequel of Dazed and Confused.

Chris Harrison: Peter, please, the last flight out of Cleveland leaves in two hours.

The rose ceremony

Peter sends Deandra home, showing that he truly has no taste. Savannah and Kiarra are also sent home.